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Singapore sees a rise in demand for technology roles as it strives to become a truly ‘Smart City’.

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While the rest of the world is stuck in 2019, Singapore seems to be in 2119. With views like something out of a sci-fi film and cutting edge technology at the heart of its infrastructure, Singapore is well on the way to becoming a “smart nation”. In 2014, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong launched the “Smart Nation” initiative, promising to apply cutting edge technology to almost every aspect of life in Singapore, from A.I.-optimised transport systems to cashless payments at its hawker centres and digitisation of government services. The vision is for Singapore to become a Smart Nation: one where people live meaningful and fulfilled lives, enabled seamlessly by technology.

Under a “30 by 2030” initiative, the government of Singapore aims to increase vertical and smart farming to supply 30% of the country’s nutritional needs by the end of the decade. More than 100,000 “smart lamp posts” will monitor traffic, environmental conditions (and people), and in a rapidly ageing population, robots will help the elderly stay fit, healthy and upright. Alongside these measures, the border points will speed up processing with a nationwide biometric database, and security at banks and public services will be improved through cyber security. There are plans to introduce driverless buses in 2022 and, though Singapore’s crime rates are already some of the lowest in the world, in 2020 the Singapore Police Force started using special drones to conduct aerial searches. Engineers equipped them with powerful sirens and a searchlight that is ten times more powerful than car headlights. The introduction of industrial robots is also the first step towards creating a smart work environment. You can now see many of them performing cleaning tasks in office buildings and communal areas throughout the city.

Singapore’s digitisation strategy and attractiveness as a regional tech hub have exponentially accelerated the nation’s demand for tech and business transformation professionals. Furthermore, tech accelerators and disruptors throughout the pandemic have proven to global business leaders that innovation is and will remain crucial to the success of their organisations. Singapore has embraced the concept and is one the fastest moving countries in the technology space. In an industry that evolves at this rapid pace, the requirement for talent to enable this change becomes much more vital.

At WRS we’re seeing an increase in requests to fill high demand roles in Singapore. AI and cloud computing is at the forefront of innovation with AI architects, AI engineers and cloud solutions experts being amongst the most sought-after tech professionals, especially when talent demand is accelerated by the government’s Smart Nation initiative.

Data scientists and analysts are also in demand and, with Singapore’s data analytics industry reportedly injecting nearly S$1 billion into the country’s economy yearly, this demand will only continue to grow. Organisations and individuals are insisting on better actionable data in all areas of life. Cybersecurity remains a top priority, especially those areas specialised in cloud security, application development security and network security. These help companies and nations combat and prepare for possible threats and risks. The rapid growth of data, the rise of cloud computing, massive data breaches and government regulations are just some of the reasons for the immense demand for cybersecurity professionals. According to a Cisco survey last year, cybersecurity threats across Asia-Pacific rose with more people working from home. Furthermore, cybersecurity will need to be more flexible in addressing a variety of threats. As remote working is likely to continue beyond the pandemic, more firms are embracing new technology to facilitate workplace flexibility. This will create new jobs and transform traditional roles into hybrid jobs requiring digital-centric skills to support collaboration, communication and connectivity.

Organisations in Singapore know that in-demand talent can be extremely difficult to find and that’s why they partner with the WRS technology division. We work hard to understand the market worth and motivations of candidates to ensure we provide the best talent to our clients. And we provide experienced counsel to our partners to help them differentiate themselves and create winning strategies.

For candidates, we provide the listening skills to understand your motivations and career aspirations, and the experience to connect you with the right career which is aligned to your long-term goals. We save you time and provide you with all the guidance and support required throughout the whole recruitment process.

If you’re inspired by the futuristic spirit of the Smart City Singapore and want to be involved in it’s future get in touch with our technology division. You can connect with our team on LinkedIn – Hassaan Cheema,Van Cao and Zain Hussain. Alternatively, follow WRS for up-to-date news and vacancies.