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7 Tips to nail a Skype interview

Posted by: Charlotte Archibald

Over the past few years, web-based interviews are becoming increasingly common so it’s important for candidates to interview comfortably over the web.

Follow these tips to help you embrace technology and master a Skype interview.

Before the interview

Start your preparation a few days before your interview. Research the company by looking at their website, social channels and press releases. Get familiar with your CV and prepare for possible interview questions. For more advice, take a look at our interview preparation tips blog.

Avoiding last-minute prep will help you remain as relaxed as possible the night before, allowing you to get a good night’s sleep so that you are fresh and energised for your interview, and ready to make a great impression on your interviewer.

Set up a practice interview with a friend before the interview, to make sure you’re happy with how you come across on screen and to help you get familiar with the platform. Check the microphone and picture quality and your location, try to sit somewhere that’s quiet, won’t be interrupted, well-lit and comfortable.

Pre-web-based interview checklist:

  • Ensure you have the interviewers Skype ID
  • Share your Skype ID with the interviewer
  • Test your microphone and audio before the call
  • Ensure you’re sat in a well-lit room
  • Get comfortable

Dress professionally

Dressing smartly for your Skype interview will put you in the right frame of mind for your interview and will help you make a good first impression.

Don’t be late

You wouldn’t turn up late to a face-to-face job interview, so being late due to technical difficulties is inexcusable. Make sure you’re all set up at least 10 minutes before the interview starts to avoid any awkwardness. Ensure you have your notes and a glass of water to hand so you’re not fiddling with papers and you can stay hydrated during the interview.

Body language

It’s important to remember to look at the camera and not the screen or yourself – this way the interviewer will feel you’re maintaining eye contact. Remember to smile and try to forget you’re talking to a computer screen and imagine the interviewer being in the room with you.


Notes can be handy when you’re undertaking a web-based interview, but you’ll need to make sure your reference to them is subtle. Reading your notes will disrupt the natural flow of conversation and can make your look under-prepared.

Anticipate technical issues

If your technology fails during the interview, it’s important not to panic. Remain professional, the interviewer will be aware that some things are out of your control, should anything happen start the call again to regain connection, and quickly update the interviewer so that you can resume the interview as soon as possible. Please take the time to test your equipment and connection in advance of the interview as well as immediately before the interview starts. 

End on a high

Just like a face to face interview, you should try to end the interview summarising the key points as well as thanking the interviewer/s for their time, whilst also making sure you confirm the next steps.

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