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A Day in the Life of...a Bosun.

Posted by: Scott Redfern

Elby Mathew is a Bosun for Arkstar Offshore who currently works on board Arkstar's Eagle 1 vessel. Elby is currently working out of Abu Dhabi, supplying rigs operated by Paragon Offshore — that are contracted by ESNAAD, who are a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC). We recently asked Elby some questions about his experience as a Bosun. 

Describe some of the interesting things that happen during your time on board.
The life aboard ship is a very different experience to being onshore. But if I need to point out a few specific things that I find interesting, it would be the marine life. Seeing dolphins around the vessel, the lovely sunset views, and on rough sea days I will wait to finish my duty hours to be able to sleep on my bed like a baby in a cradle.  

How long are your working hours and are the hours very demanding?
I work for 12 hours a day. Sometimes the workload can be less, sometimes the 12 hours can be very hectic. The best thing is that the officers are not under any extra work pressure, which is good. 

What are some of the challenges in your role?
The main challenge in my role is cargo operation, which requires good communication and discipline. In the Middle East, present temperature is 42 degrees, which is very hot. By mid-summer it will be 50 — half the boiling point. Shortcuts in this job are not possible.  

How do you relieve stress on board?
After my working hours I listen to music, I read online newspapers, and i chat with my family and friends, which for me is a big stress relief.  

What are some of the activities you do after your work shift?
First I will say my thanks to God for keeping us safe the whole day on board. After that, I spend time with other crew members or watch movies. Sometimes I will write stories if I'm in a creative mood.

Thanks for your time, Elby! 

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Elby was One of my best Bosun on AHTS warrior. He is a hard working man
Capt. Suriadi Ishak, 17 July 2017
Last week I visited the vessel for an inspection, the entire team is awesome... Capt Rodel C Serino & CO Aprio Karya is running the team in a professional manner...
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