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Celebrating women in industry - International Women’s Day 2019

Posted by: Ruth McKinney

We are a global workforce solutions company, operating in the mining, maritime, shipping construction, energy and commodities trading industries. To celebrate ‘International Women’s Day’ we asked our mining division to share their thoughts and experiences on being part of what is traditionally, a male-dominated industry.
Interestingly, our WRS Mining Division is in fact run by a woman and is staffed mainly by women, all of whom are proud to be working hard to support the industry in its efforts to bring greater diversity to the mining space. 
Lucy Donald, who runs our highly successful mining division said “We concentrate on finding the right candidates for the broad range of roles that our client’s projects demand, irrespective of gender. We source candidates based on their skills, experience, knowledge and fit with the company. That way we ensure finding the best candidates for the role, happy clients, happy candidates”.
Donald continued “I have worked in the mining industry for over ten years and I’m excited to see what the impact of developing technologies and the effect of industry initiatives, to attract more women to a long-term career in mining, will bring to the industry. Women can offer a different skill set and point-of-view to the table, the importance and benefit of this should not be underestimated”.
So, WRS would like to recognise all the very talented and brilliant women within our company, who do a great job every day, not just on ‘International Women’s day’, across all of our divisions, let’s hear from the team.

“Happy Nationals Women’s day! Not only are we in a male-dominated environment by working in recruitment, but we also operate within a male-dominated industry. I enjoy having the male influence, it creates a healthy bit of competition and a lot of fun. The office banter is great but there is always hard work going on too”.

Megan Cartwright – Consultant, WRS Mining Division


“My experience working in a traditionally male-dominated industry has always been positive, coming from a heavily dominated male household it’s something I’ve always known. Although having the confidence to hold your own in business is totally different and a challenge. If you don’t view men as anything but equals, I don’t see why there should be challenges”. 

Ella Cann – Team Leader, WRS Mining Division


“Being a woman in recruitment can be tricky at times.  Not only in our industry but our division, mining, it is very male driven! Although this can sometimes work to our advantage because we bring a different point of view and opinions to a project team. Excelling in a role in this industry feels more rewarding to me!”.

Fay Campbell – Consultant, WRS Mining Division


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