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Developing talent for a new era of technology


In these post-downturn times, the oil & gas industry is keeping a close eye on its bottom line and adopting digital solutions that can help to keep costs low and improve workplace safety. We have put together this blog to give an insight into the emerging technology and changes to the workforce needed to accommodate these trends.

Emerging technologies 

With continuing growth, many emerging technologies are being explored and, in some cases, adopted by the oil & gas industry as it explores the use of new technologies like the ’Internet of things’ (IOT) and the cloud, for ways to make its operations greener, to meet consumer demand, and to create a safer working environment for their employees. For example, IOT makes it possible to deploy smart stations installed on offshore operations, which collect weather data from multiple sensors, to be processed within the station to make an initial weather forecast. The data can then be sent to the cloud where it is analysed, accuracy is improved and then shared with multiple teams in any desired location to help plan timing and workload efficiency and increase productivity. When the forecast is sent back to the station and verified, operations can be planned to minimise risk to employee safety. Use of the cloud also provides companies with a simple and cost-efficient way to store, manage, process and share large amounts of data. 

Workforce evolution 

As technology within the oil & gas industry evolves, ensuring that your workforce recruitment strategy stays in-step with these changes is vital. Attracting candidates with the expertise to match your digital operations, without neglecting traditional aspects of the business is a difficult equilibrium to achieve and maintain. Traditional IT roles within the oil and gas industry are evolving to support digital innovation. At WRS we have already seen a growth in demand for candidates who have up-skilled in software programme training to bridge their knowledge gap and are now ready to meet the future of the industry.

Investing in tomorrow’s technology today 

Digitalisation in the oil and gas industry is a trend being embraced to optimise productivity, efficiency, reduce costs, and improve employee safety standards. Adopting a recruitment strategy to on-board a workforce that has the skills required to meet the challenges of emerging technologies combined with traditional industry knowledge, is likely to become integral to companies across the oil and gas sector.

WRS is a global workforce solutions and mobilisation company. Operating in the energy, maritime, mining, construction and commodities industries. Chris has over 10 years' experience in the sector and is currently working on a number of exciting projects. If you are considering your next move or would like some advice, please contact Chris on +44 (0) 161 926 4650 or email

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