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Developing yourself and your career

Posted by: Mark Burslem

Your career is a long journey which will offer many highs and lows before retirement beckons. Everyone has been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic which has forced some industries to shut down and put additional strain on others. These unprecedented factors may have had an effect on your career or the way you feel about the progression on offer to you.

If you’re feeling like your career is stuck in second gear, it’s vital to take some time to reflect on what’s causing this. Self-reflection and analysis should be a regular undertaking, like checking a map when you’re on a long journey. It will prevent us taking the wrong turn or ending up a long way from where we wanted. Bear in mind, in the current climate there may be some things we can’t change and, for many, it’s about ploughing on through this difficult time. Not everyone is fortunate enough to have a job at the moment and if you’re in the marine, mining or energy industries and you’re looking for a new opportunity, we’d be delighted to discuss the market with you.

In this blog, we have analysed the current market and how it might be affecting you.

A struggling industry

Many industries are having to quickly adapt to a changing world. Take the mining sector, where emerging digital technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things, and new biological technologies have revolutionised the industry in almost unimaginable ways, enabling mining companies to operate faster and more efficiently, streamline costs, enhance safety, and reduce their environmental footprint. This is making the way we work in mines safer, which is more important now than ever. Remote working solutions and innovations around workplace safety are in demand and the companies who can offer this kind of service may well need to recruit additional staff or give more responsibility to existing employees. On the other hand, some jobs or types of jobs decline or lose demand. If you’re in a declining job sector where opportunities are limited, it might be worth thinking about exploring other options. Look into schemes for retraining: many big corporations within the energy or mining sectors are offering this in places where their operations are based rather than bringing experience in from another country due to travel restrictions.

It can feel like a huge step to change industries. This is where transferable skills come in. These are core competencies which can be used in almost any role. Showcasing these skills and how you can apply them to a new industry will help you make the transition. Keep an eye on industries which are in demand and how you could impress a potential employer in a new industry.

Finding Fulfilment

Concern about the global pandemic and how it might affect you or your loved ones can cause anxiety and stress. Couple this with the effect on the economy and concerns for your job, and it’s easy to see why your wellbeing, happiness and mental health could be struggling at the moment. Seek support from your doctor if these feelings become unmanageable. There are a number of online resources which will help you devise coping strategies. Here’s an example of some that are very effective for WRS employees:

  • Keep a list of what you have achieved and review at the end of every week. Even when it seems like a bad week, this will show you how much you have accomplished. This list could be useful to present to your manager to showcase your productivity and positive input too.
  • Identify what you are passionate about in your work and try to do more of this. Speak to your manager about how this will have a positive impact on the business and seek out ways to gain more knowledge and experience.

Opportunities for Growth

If you have been in your current role while and you feel like there’s nowhere else for you to go, take time to speak to your manager. They might not be aware of your feelings but, once they’re in the know, they could be in a good position to help you develop and come up with some ideas of how to do this. Take up any and every offer of training that comes your way. This will not only develop your knowledge and skills, but will also demonstrate your willingness to learn, participate and progress. Having the right attitude is hugely important and will help you through the difficult times.

If you’re feeling like the opportunities to develop are limited in your current position, it’s definitely worth looking elsewhere and that’s where WRS can help. We offer confidential career advice to candidates and are happy to discuss opportunities, whether you are looking for your next contract position or a life-changing career move. Market expertise means we are able to discuss current conditions, and we discretely approach specific companies on behalf of our candidates to generate interest in their skills and experience.


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