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Enhance your career with an effective LinkedIn profile

Posted by: Ruth McKinney

These days, your LinkedIn profile is likely to be the first place that a recruitment consultant or potential new employer is going to take the opportunity to carry out some research on you and your career. With over 500 million users, LinkedIn is universally recognised as the world’s largest professional network, offering a wide variety of opportunities for effective networking and relationship building with the people that matter in your industry. With two new people signing up every 60 seconds, it’s important that you employ a strategy for evolving, improving and updating your profile so that it endures in an increasingly crowded marketplace.

Review and update your profile

Add a professional and up-to-date profile picture! Adding a good quality head shot is a great first-step toward making the right first impression on your existing network and with a broad range of staffing decision makers. Plan your head shot so that it accurately reflects your current profession as well as being appropriate for your desired next move. 
Check that your profile information is up-to-date, and includes your current position and industry. These simple steps will open the door to new job opportunities because it will show visitors to your profile, that you have the necessary skills and experience required for a role. It positions you as a serious professional who is pro-actively looking to take the next step in your career.
Take time to research and join industry groups, LinkedIn plays host to a huge number of groups, that are populated with like-minded industry contacts. Many staffing solutions professionals from your industry sector are also likely to be members, therefore offering you some mutuality as well as the opportunity to grow your connections.

Expand your network 

It’s crucial that you take the time to grow your LinkedIn network. Continually expanding your professional network will ensure that you connect with current key industry influencers and peers who can help you to gain exposure with decision makers in your sector. Personalising your connection requests to show that you have carefully selected to make contact, makes it more likely that your request will be accepted. Try not to sound spammy though, adding something like “I have recently read your article on trends for 2019 and enjoyed your views, hence I would like to connect”, as opposed to a generic connection request is the tone that you should adopt.
Posting regularly will help you to expand your network and to increase engagement with it, aim for once per day (and you will probably manage once per week). Creating original content like blogs and guides can be time consuming. However, it is a great way to position yourself as an industry thought leader. Sharing content written by other people is an effective way to start a dialogue with your industry peers. Whether the content is original, or you are sharing another person’s work, likes, shares and comments on your post will be seen by your ‘second degree connections’, leading to new contacts and an increased share of voice for your profile.

Finalise your profile for success 

Once you have updated your profile and are busy expanding your network, it’s time to look at the finishing touches. Make sure that you maintain a relevant list of skills to make it easy for visitors to search for and find your profile on LinkedIn, and to see your key qualities and strengths at a glance. 
You should regularly add new achievements that you’ve successfully obtained such as certificates or awards etc and consider changing your profile settings to ‘open’, making your profile visible to recruiters, allowing us to see that you are actively looking for a new job opportunity.
To help you keep your profile up-to-date, set the LinkedIn profile update reminders. Setting these reminders will make remembering to review and update you profile regularly easier. 
Making these updates to your profile, not only summarises your skills and experience but it gives a further insight into your views, opinions and what you feel passionate about, all of which is of huge interest to potential employers, furthermore, it will help us to find the right career move for you. 

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