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Five signs it's time to change jobs

Posted by: Emma Upton

When Sunday rolls around do you get the fear of going back into work? Do you think about leaving your job, but not sure whether you should? It could be time to think about whether you need a new job. 

It’s very easy to just stay in your current job, especially when you get along with your colleagues and have a minimal commute to work. However, sometimes it’s a good idea to make that hard decision to move on. 

Emma Upton, HR Business Partner at WRS, offers some suggestions on when it might be the right time to think about changing jobs.

Monday blues

Do you spend every Sunday dreading returning to work? Well, why not do something about it? Put aside an hour or two every Sunday afternoon to search for the right job for you; set yourself a goal of applying to a few new roles every Sunday.

Your job doesn’t challenge you

If you’ve been at a company for a long time you may find that you’ve been doing the same tasks week in week out. Unfortunately, your line manager may have made a judgement about your skill set and pigeonholed you. If you’ve been pigeonholed, you can lose certain skills as your focus can become narrow. To help get out of the rut, it might be a good idea to speak to your manager and discuss other opportunities to diversify your workload or to spend other time working in different parts of the business. If you ask and the answer is no, you know it’s time to move on and find another job where you can be challenged and grow your skill set.

There’s no work-life balance

Do you feel like you spend every minute at work or thinking about work? Has your working life stopped you from seeing your friends and family or doing things you love? Chances are your consumed by your career. It’s vital that you have balance in your life, you need to be able to switch-off sometimes. If you’re finding you’re not able to, then this might be time to consider looking for a new job.

You’ve stopped thinking big

The world is a huge place, so why not explore opportunities in other countries? International experience is highly sought after by most employers. It can also provide you with amazing memories and the chance to experience different cultures. If you could work anywhere in the world where would you choose? Once you’ve had a think, you can look towards making it a reality. If Milan beckons, you might start by brushing up on your Italian. There are countless apps, beginner language books and online tools to help you, search online to find out if there are any classes close to where you live.

Your boss doesn’t appreciate you

Does your manager take your for granted? Are they rude and unappreciative of your efforts? This can be frustrating and can leave your feeling worthless. If you work hard and you’re hitting all your targets and you’re committed to the business you should be treated well, and your input should be valued. If you’ve tried different ways to be seen and heard and these efforts have failed, perhaps it’s time to move on to somewhere you’ll be appreciated.

We spend most of our lives working, so why remain in a job that’s not fulfilling? If you’re not doing what you love and you’re not growing and learning new skills, then perhaps it’s time to start thinking about a career change.

Working with a workforce solutions agency like WRS, they can take care of everything for you from CV advice and preparation, job search, interview coaching, offer and negotiation handling to on boarding with your new company.

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