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Flexible Working: The Benefits of an Employer Who Listens

Posted by: Ruth McKinney

Here at Worldwide Recruitment Solutions we pride ourselves on trust and integrity. One of the big demonstrations of trust at WRS came at the beginning of 2017 in the shape of flexible working. Whether you're a graduate fresh off the block, with bones that don't yet creak and a craving for a cheeky pint or two after a busy day at the office, or you're a married parent whose working day doesn't end until the kids are in bed and the spouse has found a bottle of wine for you to share over a BBC documentary...flexible working hours can help you fit your work around your life, and not vice versa. This is important here at WRS, because our employee demographics are various indeed. 

What time is really early? Everyone has their own interpretation of an early start, and conversely of a 'lie-in'. WRS's offices are open from 5am until 8pm, and the general consensus of the flexibility enables our staff to begin work any time between 7-9am, with a 4-6pm finish depending on your start time. If you really can't get yourself out of bed until 7am, then starting at 9 rather than WRS's once-standard time of 8 could work better for you. If you're an early bird up for the 5am news, then you could get yourself into the office by 7, and finish at 4pm, and that leads us into...

More control over your commute! Let's face it, almost all of us would rather not use our cars simply to crawl across a motorway for an hour (or more!), or be stuck on a stuffy-air bus that circumnavigates every town between your house and the office, and does anybody really enjoy a crammed train ride where having a large bag is an unspoken sin? With our flexible working hours, starting early can mean getting a jump on motorway pileups, and catching the bus/train that has...wait for it...spare seats! If you choose to finish around 6pm or later if it works for you, then motor and human traffic will have eased somewhat, too. If you find you're able to reduce your commute by 30 minutes or more each way, every day, then feel free to start fantasizing about what you could do with the extra hour (new video game to play? book to read? seminar to go to?). Or maybe you've been desperate to attend your gym's new intense workout training? Well, guess what!

Work out for an added 30! While starting and finishing at a time more convenient for your lifestyle could involve a morning or evening trip to the gym, WRS's extension of trust to employees has increased the lunch hour from 60 to 90 minutes for anyone who wants to use their lunch to visit the gym and burn off their morning porridge. This new scheme can have many benefits; if your morning has been particularly busy, then some time lifting weights or chasing the treadmill track can help to reduce your stress levels, reinvigorating you to work harder and better in the afternoon. And let's face it, nobody's going to complain about shedding a calorie or two at lunchtime either! With stress levels reduced, those darling children will seem even more darling during the school pickup! 

Everyone's situation is different! Director Lucy Donald recently wrote about the benefits WRS has implemented regarding company awareness of the challenges a working parent can face. Whether it's the drop-off or the pick-up, or both, the flexible working hours offered at WRS enable our super-charged workers who are parents or carers to strive towards a life-work balance. Sometimes childcare might be hard to arrange, or your son/daughter/dependant might be unwell; WRS understands these very real concerns and keeps honest and open communication with all of its employees, being prepared to offer alternatives such as the option of working from home when your child is poorly, or taking only an hour's leave rather than a half day.

We at WRS firmly believe we have increased the efficiency and output of our workforce by demonstrating the importance of employer-employee trust and the value of honest communication! 




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