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Going the extra mile for Forever Manchester

Posted by: Emma Upton

This month WRS has been fundraising for Forever Manchester, a local community charity. As part of our efforts, we have organised a running challenge involving 6 WRS employees covering 200 miles over the course of July. We have just over a week to go and 50 miles still to cover. The thought of doing this for the fantastic causes Forever Manchester supports has kept us running even during the variable summer weather in Manchester! We want to make you aware of exactly why we’re doing this and what Forever Manchester is all about.

“Forever Manchester is the only charity that raises money to fund and support community activity across Greater Manchester. We believe that connected communities make stronger, happier communities, so we love any activity that brings people together.

In every neighbourhood across Greater Manchester there are thousands of people involved in community activity. In fact, at any given time there are an unbelievable 20,000 local grassroots projects of varying sizes and interests taking place. These activities are the lifeblood of our neighbourhoods, they are happening right now on our doorsteps, and they are being run by people who give up their precious time to make our communities happier and safer places to be.

Forever Manchester cares about those people who care enough to act. We champion local people doing extraordinary things together. And when advice, encouragement and funding is needed, Forever Manchester is there to provide a hand up to support them.

Forever Manchester has delivered over £39 million worth of community funding across Greater Manchester over the last 30 years, benefiting 1.1 million people. All of the money raised for Forever Manchester is used to fund and support over 1,000 community projects in Greater Manchester each year. This means we will have supported community activity within a mile of your home or business if it’s in Greater Manchester.”

When we considering which charity to support during our fundraising month, we felt it was important to remember those charities that have been affected by Covid-19 but are still doing fantastic work to support those that may have found themselves even more isolated during this time. We love what Forever Manchester stand for, like how they focus on ‘putting a smile on faces’ and being kind, which is what our running challenge is all about.

Over the last few months, the charity has been working remotely in the Ardwick area setting up a Covid-19 Mutual Aid group where local residents can share support and offer services. One local resident has offered to cook a meal for 15 homeless people every night. Eating well is important to staying healthy and those that have found themselves homeless at the moment are especially vulnerable.

The team at Forever Manchester has also partnered with Wonderfully Made Woman, a support group for Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic and Refugee (BAMER) women who have been victims of domestic abuse. The group have set up online groups and activities to ensure that everyone can stay connected during this time

This is just a couple of examples of the type of work Forever Manchester do. They seek out local community groups and support what already exists with funds and practical advice. On top of this, they work in the communities, speaking to the people that live there, to understand where more services are needed and exactly what is required. They then organise collectives to encourage sharing of best practice between groups, and thus encouraging connection and bonds across groups and communities helping to build a stronger, closer Greater Manchester.

We are proud to work with Forever Manchester and look forward to completing our running challenge so all the money raised can go towards some good causes during a difficult time for many. 


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