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Home schooling during UK Lockdown Number 3

Posted by: Sharon Dunleavy

On 4th January, the UK entered it’s third lockdown in the battle to contain COVID-19. Unlike the previous lockdown and due to the new variant of the virus, the government announced all primary schools, secondary schools and colleges would also close and move to remote learning.

Keen to understand how ‘home schooling’ is working and how we could best support our team members, we spoke with Stacy Hidden, Principal Consultant for our Mining Division, to get her opinion.

What are the challenges for you?

Working from home is proving to be a huge challenge for me. My husband is a key worker and cannot work from home, so I’m attempting to school both children (aged 5 and 8) and work at the same time. Of course, my children being cared for and safe from COVID is hugely important to me, but I feel like my work and career are taking a back seat at the moment, which is frustrating for me. I’m lucky to work for WRS. They have been fantastic and haven’t put any additional pressure on me, which I massively appreciate. They understand the challenge of home schooling whilst working and have been supportive throughout the pandemic. They have also offered a lot of flexibility with my working hours which is what is needed to help working parents cope.

How much are your school supporting parents who are home-schooling and working?

The school are sending a full day of activities via an app. Some are more time consuming than others but because my kids are so young, one is only just learning to read, they require constant intervention and supervision. They have just started doing 2 x 30 minute zoom calls per week for each class. They aren’t lessons, more a chance for the teachers and children to have a chat and a bit of fun. Whilst this is great for the children, I wish they could follow the high schools who are doing full timetables on zoom, which sounds great and would be much better for us. This would give me more time to work when the kids are occupied, which would be helpful.

How do the children feel about home schooling?

My children are ok, thankfully. They’re very outgoing but are desperately missing school and their friends! They love school and learning but are quite reluctant learners at home and need me to constantly encourage them. All their other activities have stopped, like swimming, dancing and football, so they’re not getting that extra stimulation and are having less fun. We are just muddling through and doing the best we can as I’m sure millions of other parents are doing.

What are you most looking forward to when life gets back to normal?

I know I can sometimes be grumpy with the current situation, but I know I’m not alone. Hopefully, it won’t be too much longer before the children go back to school. I can’t wait to get back to concentrating on my work within mining recruitment, rather than times tables. I am raring to go! I have been able to maintain working, assisting candidates and clients despite the challenges of home-schooling, but I’m just looking forward to doing more of this while my children are stimulated and happy with their friends at school.


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