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How has Covid-19 affected the recruitment sector?

Posted by: Mark Burslem

In a series of blogs, we will explore what has been happening in the recruitment sector and we’ll look at the sectors that are seeing a demand for jobs.

To kick things off, we sat down with Zain Hussain, Divisional Manager of the WRS Technology Division in Singapore, to get an insight into what recruitment has been like in the Singapore Tech sector.

What impact has COVID-19 had on the Recruitment sector?

Covid-19 has had numerous impacts on the recruitment sector in Singapore. The Ministry of Manpower in Singapore is working closely with businesses to ensure any cost cutting and retrenchment measures are implemented accurately. That said, there are several sectors like E-commerce, Health Tech, Manufacturing and Fintech who have been performing well and actively hiring talent for their sustainable growth.

How do you feel the crisis will affect the Recruitment sector in the long-term?

Singapore over the years has always performed well as a global hub as it is regional Head Quarters for many Tier 1 organisations. Albeit things have been slow over the last few months, in the long run businesses in Singapore have the necessary ability to pivot and create new jobs. There is constant demand for local talent and improving local leadership coupled with bringing in quality expat talent for knowledge transfer. As we learn to understand the new normal of Covid-19, I believe Singapore has a tremendous ability to bounce back and experience rapid growth and to also win lucrative businesses to relocate their HQ to Singapore. Which is a testament to the stability most organisations are used in Singapore.

Which sectors are you seeing demand for jobs?

In recent months we have been seeing a demand for jobs in Health-Tech, FinTech, SAP/ERP Projects, Manufacturing, Bio Tech in general and the IT/ICT space is relatively busy as organisations undergo Digital Transformation.


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