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How has your life changed during Covid-19? Emma Upton

Posted by: Emma Upton

COVID-19 has affected everyone, everywhere, impacting our working conditions. In this new blog series, we're exploring how the lives of our colleagues have changed, the lessons they've learnt and the challenges they've faced along the way.

In this blog, Emma Upton, HR Business Partner, shares some of her experiences.

“Life during Covid-19 has been really strange for me: in some ways a joy and in other ways a real challenge. I guess I’m very lucky in that I really enjoy my job and also have two wonderful children, great friends and a loving husband. My parents and sister live close to me and I love spending time with them too. So much of these wonderful parts of my life that I took for granted were stripped away when lockdown measures were introduced and, at times, I have really struggled with isolation and missing people. Even before we were advised to stay at home by the government, my parents began taking precautionary steps and limiting their contact with us in the interests of their health. It was quite scary to think of my parents as being vulnerable to this awful virus that seemed to be out of control. It has been a relief to hear that infection rates and the number of deaths from coronavirus are dropping steadily.

“My husband and I have continued working from home during the pandemic, which is not so easy with two small children, aged 1 and 3. They need constant care, snacks, attention and distractions. People often ask how we have managed – I always say, “with difficulty!”. In truth, it has taken a lot of careful planning, hard work, late nights and early mornings to ensure we fulfil our duties as both employees and parents. I’m exhausted by the end of the day, but I know that there are lots of parents and carers in the same boat as me and I have a fantastic support network around me who have kept me going with Zoom calls and text messages. Thankfully, my husband and I make a good team and have got on well, despite being locked in the house together. In some ways it has been fantastic to be with my children and husband day in and day out as we have become even closer. In a few years, I’ll look back on this time we spent together as a blessing, but it’s hard to see it that way when you’re right in the middle of it.

“If this situation has taught me anything, it’s about appreciating the small things. I didn’t know how much I would miss simple pleasures - like hugging my nephew, or popping round to my mum’s for a chat, or having a BBQ with friends – until they were gone. We have so much opportunity in this world which is such a privilege, but sometimes true happiness can be found at home with the people you love the most. It’s also vital to take time for yourself. The pressure of looking after your family, or worrying about loved ones, or keeping up with work, can weigh heavily on your shoulders. If you need to take an hour of quiet time for yourself in order to cope, then do it.”


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