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How has your life changed during Covid-19? Jason Crowe

Posted by: Emma Upton

The covid-19 pandemic has affected pretty much everyone in the world. In this new blog series, we're exploring how the lives of our colleagues have changed, the lessons they've learnt and the challenges they've faced along the way.

In this blog, Jason Crowe, Management Accountant, shares his experience.

My experience during the pandemic has been a mixture of ordinary everyday life and extreme boredom.

Ordinary in the sense that, I have worked from home full-time before, so I know how to stay motivated and take advantage of the work/life balance. I am not much for going out, so I was happy enough to stay in and catch up on all these TV shows/films that were on my ‘I’ll get round it’ list.

The extreme boredom side being myself and my partner missing going to our usual hotspots, such as the cinema, eating out, visiting family and unfortunately our fortnight holiday to Bulgaria was cancelled.

Mental health has come up a lot in the news during the pandemic, with people experiencing loneliness, grief due to loss of loved ones or anxiety due to loss of job or lower income. We have overcome this by of course, hanging on to our jobs and me and my partner are always there for one another and our pets are there to ensure we do not kill each other. The one achievement me and my partner have done is completing the couch to 5K challenge, which we completed on the 4th July 2020.

As for family, my partners family are close by, so he has, at least had some normality locally. Myself however, I am from the North East of England, so most of my family reside there. My mum is a nurse, working on a Covid-19 ward at the Freeman Hospital in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, so I’ve been thinking about her a lot and hoping that she doesn’t obtain the virus, like so many of the NHS workers have and have sadly not made it. Luckily she has my step-dad, whom fusses over her at the moment and is looking after her when she returns from her shifts.

My sister gave birth just before the lock-down happened, and has had to shield due to severe asthma, along with her other daughter, who was born with trouble breathing and requires oxygen at night.

And my elder sister, who lives up in Edinburgh; She also recently gave birth, but in February when the virus had started to severely spread outside of China.

It has been hard for me in the sense that I am not able to stop by and ask how they are, especially as there has been new additions to my family. I always know, as do they, that we are always on the other end of the phone should they need to speak or see a familiar face during their lockdown.

It is certainly the one thing I am thankful for during this pandemic…the advancement of technology.

The age of home working has certainly taken a huge leap forward and technology is the centre of that capability. Cloud storage, video calling, decent computer/laptop sat on a desk along with a good internet connection and bang, there is your home office and your colleagues around you with a few clicks of a mouse.


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