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I'm Here to be Awesome

Posted by: Emma Upton

I've spent some of today preparing our new training room, complete with motivational messages like the one in the picture above! Sometimes we all need a bit of inspiration and a reminder of what we're striving for. I love this one: "I'm not here to be average, I'm here to be awesome".

I spoke to a colleague recently who told me about a meeting she'd arranged with a client. She told me she'd set herself an objective to secure that meeting on her journey to work that morning. What an inspiration! Average wouldn't do that.

When I run training sessions people come ready to work, complete with pen and paper and brains switched on. They make a note of their key learns and what they plan to take away from the session. Average wouldn't do that.

My colleagues at WRS are always ready to help each other out and will go out of their way to support and assist. Our global BD Manager is working on new ways that different teams can collaborate and work together on projects, drawing on the variety of expertise in the business and benefiting all. Average wouldn't do that.

We've had two awesome new recruits this week - Megan Whitehurst and Megan Cartwright. Here's what Megan W had to say about her first week...

My first week at WRS has been a pleasure! The training has been fantastic and has been really helpful to me whilst I’m learning about the industry. All the staff have been extremely friendly and welcoming which has helped massively with the new job nerves. I’m looking forward to my second week and what’s to come next.”
Megan Whitehurst
Mining Recruitment Consultant

When you come in to work in the morning, how do you make yourself awesome?

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