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Inside recruitment with Chloe

Posted by: Mark Burslem

Chloe Jordan

Recruitment Consultant - Commodities Trading team.

What has been your career path at WRS? My career at WRS began in February in the Commodities Trading team. I’m absolutely loving my role and I’m very excited about my career prospects within the division and in recruitment at WRS.

What does a typical day look like? I work on sourcing candidates for roles that the division are recruiting for, finding potential candidates through our 400,000 strong candidate database and LinkedIn, contacting them about the roles to gain further insight into their experience. My day begins by checking over my to do list, checking up on emails, LinkedIn messages and prioritising when to respond to them. Depending on the candidate, I would then create an application for them and forward them over to my line manager, Henri, to be considered for the role. I am looking forward to starting work on the business development aspect of my role shortly, which is the next step in my career progression and development. 

What has been your most impactful accomplishment so far? I put forward two candidates to one of our high-profile commodities clients, who were both shortlisted to interview stage. One of my candidates has just completed a final interview with them in London, so I’m awaiting their feedback. If our client decides to make an offer, it would be my first placement.

What skills helped you be successful in your role? Communication skills. My previous work experience has been in sales focused and hospitality roles, both were very customer focused. I am very confident in my ability to engage with our clients and candidates, listening to what they have to say and keeping up a conversation.

What do you find inspiring/challenging/rewarding about working in Recruitment? The potential for growth inspires me. If you work hard, you can progress within the company. I also enjoy the teamwork and friendly atmosphere at WRS, there are always people on hand to help you when you need advice.
This leads me to the culture at WRS where everyone has been extremely approachable and friendly, including the management team, which I find important in any role. Everyone is willing to help one another out, and it’s less ‘every man for themselves’, and more ‘if you succeed, we all succeed’.
I love the diversity of the clients that I work with which include some high-profile commodities companies who operate in the energy and agriculture industries. 

Outside of work, what are you passionate about? Outside of work, I am a keen adventurer. I love to get out and experience new things, and travel to new places. I consider myself quite sporty and love getting stuck in to a new activity. You will also find me spending a lot of time with my dog!

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