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Inside recruitment with Jason

Posted by: Mark Burslem

Jason Robertson

Jason Robertson, Recruitment consultant – Maritime Team

Describe your career path at WRS so far?

My career at WRS has been a great success so far. When I first started, I barely I knew anything about recruitment and now I’m one of the top recruiters in my team.

The marine industry is a very fast-paced environment and my previous employment in sales helped me adapt to my current environment.

What does a typical day for you as a look like?

A typical day for me begins with taking a look at what jobs I have on, then I start looking at my network of great people, to see if I can match them to a role which they would be fantastic in, ensuring that I find the best talent for our clients. 

What do you feel is your most impactful accomplishment so far?

I think my most impactful accomplishment so far would be when 18 of my candidates were accepted onto placements with a variety of clients and 18 of my other candidates started their employment. This was the most successful month for me to date. This gave me a rough idea of what I was capable of and the earning potential there is in recruitment at WRS.

What skills do you need to be successful in your role?

I’d say one of the most important skills to have is focus. You need to make sure that you can stay focused and not get distracted easily. Once you have your focus on the right things you are able to complete your daily targets in half the time, that then gives you more time to overachieve and push even more!

What do you find inspiring/challenging/rewarding about working in Recruitment?

Inspiring I’d say is helping people get jobs when they don’t have one. You’re in charge of your own workload and therefore in control of what you want to earn, so the more you push the more you can earn. The challenging side of things is where you have a difficult role to fill and making sure that you keep your determination and focus behind the job at hand because it is easy to give up when you get frustrated. Rewarding – Well this interlinks with Inspiring the reason for it is because you are helping people find jobs and get them doing what they enjoy. The other side to is the earning potential, with it being an uncapped commission scheme at WRS you are the only limit on what you can earn.

How has the culture at WRS enabled you to succeed?

The culture has helped me succeed as everyone is on the same page. At the end of the day people who work in a commission environment and everyone has the same drive and passion and create such a lively environment which pushes you to keep going!

Outside of work, what are you passionate about?

Outside of work I am a massive basketball fan, I enjoy keeping up to date with the NBA and watching the games. I also play basketball with a group of friends, we’ve made our own team and compete in an open league on a regular basis.

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