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Inside recruitment with Richard

Posted by: Mark Burslem

Richard Baillie-Gray

Richard Baillie-Gray, Contract Manager – Energy Division

Describe your career path at WRS so far

I first joined WRS in October 2016 where I began my career as a labour manager in the construction team. The team was completely new, so we started everything from scratch and within a few years we were running at well over 200 mechanical and electrical contractors out on site each week! The beauty of working at WRS is that you can progress your skills and develop into different departments and take on new challenges that really suit your skills, which is why I recently chose to change teams and work in the energy team as a contract manager. 

What does a typical day in the energy team look like? 

As a contract manager at WRS I have quite a varied role. I assist with the mobilisation of our contractors, ensuring that medicals, flights and visas are all completed. I liaise with both clients and contractors regarding the details of their job role, resolving any issues or answering questions they may have. I essentially facilitate the process to ensure the smooth running of our contractors onboarding and mobilisation process, making it as efficient and straight forward as possible. 

What do you feel is your most impactful accomplishment so far?

My role in the team, allows our consultants to concentrate on business development and further enhances the level of service that we all take great pride in delivering for our clients and our candidates. 

What skills do you need to be successful in your role?

Since the start of my career at WRS my organisational skills have always helped me be successful. By having some simple processes for the whole team to follow we can work as an efficient unit, minimises margin for error and makes the job a lot less stressful.

What do you find inspiring/challenging/rewarding about working in staffing solutions?

Here at WRS there is a clear career path and plenty of options available within the business for progression into several different areas including account management, business development and support functions, it means that as your skills develop, you are given the chance to excel. The social life is great as well and everyone in the office is very welcoming. The workforce solutions industry can be challenging but, essentially the more you put in the more you get back and that makes it really rewarding.

How has the culture at WRS enabled you to succeed?

The culture here at WRS is great, everyone is friendly and up for a laugh, but we all work hard and get the job done. Hard work is rewarded by management and there is always someone who will help you if you need it.

Outside of work, what are you passionate about?

Outside of work I am a keen motorcycle rider, so if I am not busy I will most likely be in the Peak District. I am also into my personal fitness and go to the gym most days or whenever I can! 

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