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Internships - Try before you buy!

Posted by: Emma Upton
Last week I went along to Salford University's Business School Career Fair. It was a brilliant day, which was well run and organised fantastically, not least because of the treats on offer for the exhibitors! I met a lot of students who were already planning their careers after graduation in 2017, or were looking to arrange a work placement for 12 months.

12 month placements are a fantastic way to build your work experience so, if you're at university and thinking about how to make the most of your time there, then consider a year in industry. You usually undertake this in your 3rd year, and then you go back to uni to finish for one more year (so you're extending your time at university for a bit longer, which is no bad thing!). A lot of students end up going back to the same company after graduation to take up a permanent position.

We currently have someone with us who is on a year long placement. They're working with WRS as a Consultant on our temporary Trades and Labour desk and doing a fantastic job of placing candidates around the UK. We'll definitely miss him when he goes back to uni to finish off in September 2017, but the hope is that he'll continue his career with us once he's finished. And what degree does he study that would enable and inspire him to pursue a recruitment career I hear you cry? Philosophy!

The thing is, there isn't a recruitment degree you can study. There isn't a course which will fully prepare you for life as a Recruitment Consultant. There isn't a book you can read which will help you to understand how it feels when your best candidate doesn't turn up for interview. There isn't a method you can learn which will help you deal with a client who cancels a job you had the perfect candidate for. Sure, WRS will train you on the recruitment process and a number of key skills which will enable you to do your job better, but some people are unable to deal with the lows that recruitment brings.

So have a year in industry and try it out. It's a great way to test out a career - try before you buy! We have opportunities for students to do a 12 month placement with WRS so get in touch if you're interested in finding out more!
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