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Jargon Busting: Oil and Gas (Part Two)

Posted by: James Cant

We are back with some more Oil and Gas WRS Jargon Busting today, and we are continuing to bust open some key Oil and Gas terms that might be very uncommon in the average person's day to day conversation, or simply sound familiar but mean something completely different! How many do you know before reading the definitions?

Let's carry on! 

Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG). Liquefied Natural Gas, usually either methane and/or ethane, is natural gas that has been liquefied at cryogenic temperatures. This process is often undertaken when gas needs to be transported out of a remote offshore or jungle region where pipelines are unavailable. 

Roughneck. A roughneck, in the Oil and Gas world, is somebody who works on an oil rig! Roughnecks on most drilling rigs are responsible for the maintenance and reparation of equipment located on the drill floor and the derrick. 

Toolpusher. A toolpusher is a location supervisor. They are usually a senior and experienced member of the team, who has climbed the job ladder through the drilling crew positions. Their role is largely administrative, including inventory of materials and parts and even personnel. Often, the toolpusher will be renowned as a source of information for others on-site, as well as a potential advisor. 

Waterflooding. Waterflooding is the use of water injection to increase the production from oil reservoirs. Utilisation of water to increase oil production is usually known as Secondary Recovery. 

Wellhead. In drilling, a Wellhead is a system of spools, valves, and assorted adapters that can provide pressure control to a production well. In well completions, a Wellhead is the surface termination of a wellbore, incorporating facilities for installing casing hangers during the well construction stage.

So there you have it, another five key Oil and Gas terms, busted open - all are certainly worth knowing if you're looking to enter this industry!

Keep your eyes peeled for more WRS Jargon Busting. 

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