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New UK Government Guidance released on Minimum Wage for Seafarers in UK Waters

Posted by: Matthew Spells
New UK Government guidance has been released today regarding the UK National Minimum Wage for Seafarers.

This means that all seafarers must be paid the UK National Minimum Wage or National Living Wage if aged over 25, which are set at present at £7.05 and £7.50 per hour (roughly $9.75 and $10.37 at the time of writing).

The guidance refers to seafarers who are:

  • Working in UK waters and ports, regardless of the ship’s flag state or the worker’s nationality and place of residence
  • Working on a foreign ship outside of the UK if they usually work within the UK
  • Living in the UK and working on a UK registered ship, if some of their work is undertaken in the UK

This guidance has been released to protect seafarers from both unfair pay and unfair competition – it has been felt that vessels registered overseas were able to undercut UK crews by utilising foreign workers.

If you are unclear on how this law might affect your business and its employees, we are happy to discuss any issues raised by the new guidance with you.

UK Border Force are to hand out information in 50 languages to seafarers and employers to promote minimum wage law, and any employers failing to pay National Minimum Wage will potentially face fines, public naming and shaming and even criminal prosecution in some cases.

We are determined to ensure [seafarers] are paid fairly for the work they do, often in challenging conditions… [We] are making it crystal clear that if you work in UK waters you are entitled to at least the minimum wage and all employers – no matter where they’re from – must pay it.”
Andrew Griffiths
Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy

Contact me today to discuss how WRS can help your business remain compliant with the National Minimum and Living Wages:

Reference:, 18th January 2018

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