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The advantages of using a workforce solutions company to identify your next job role

Posted by: Ruth McKinney

If you have spent time researching the job market recently, you will be all too aware of just how many ways there are to search for a role. Your choices are likely to include social media sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, job boards, recruitment agencies or the recently launched Google Jobs, to name but a few. Often your choice of job search tool will be based purely on the method that you feel will provide the best or highest number of job search results.

A WRS candidate who recently underwent the search for a new role with our commodities and trading team shared some thoughts on the advantages of working with a professional workforce solutions service. 

Access to the right opportunities

Workforce solutions companies often get early access to upcoming projects and personnel changes, which offered me a head start over other job seekers. Using long-term relationships with the people whose job it is to hire on behalf of a company to get a comprehensive understanding of the role and the companies that are hiring, is a huge advantage of using a workforce solutions company to find a new role. As a result, I was only put forward for job roles with employers that were a great match for my skills, personality and lifestyle.

Looking good on paper

The team review hundreds of CV’s every week and so get to see first-hand, the good the bad and the ugly!  I was offered lots of useful advice about how to make my CV stand out to a potential employer. A key point to mention is that the experience outlined on my CV was carefully re-structured and prioritised by my consultant to meet the key requirements for each individual role I was put forward for. Showcasing my skills and capabilities to closely match each opportunity, safe in the knowledge that each company’s ethos would be a great fit for my career aspirations and personality, made me feel like I had a much better chance of a successful placement. 

Interview advice and coaching

An experienced consultant has a clear understanding of why a role is open, why other candidates were unsuccessful, the personality of your interviewer and the specifics of what he or she is looking for in a candidate. My consultant was an expert in my industry, sector and geography, and so had a good idea about the competition that I was up against and used this knowledge to coach and guide me, ensuring I was able to give a confident performance at interview. Post-interview, the consultant took control and acted as a conduit between myself and the hiring manager, so that I always felt in possession of the latest feedback and information about the processing of my application.

A successful transition

Being offered the job was great, but there was still a lot to organise at that point. My consultant was instrumental in helping me to find the right tone and balance in the salary and benefits negotiations with my new employer. There is never a good time to resign, but my consultant offered me some great advice to help remove the emotion from the decision and to ensure that I was able to offer sound reasoning behind my decision to leave. Working in my industry, it’s difficult to keep a career change quiet. With my consultant acting as a conduit, my decision remained confidential until I was able to negotiate a suitable leaving date and notice period, to ensure the exit from my current role was handled professionally and a timely start date for my new role was agreed without any problems.

Reaching your career goals

Successfully searching, applying and accepting a new role can feel daunting. Using the professional services of an experienced consultant at a workforce solutions company can really work to your advantage. From getting the first look at new opportunities, creating a stand-out CV and delivering a well-prepared interview performance, to reaching a successful salary negotiation agreement, a workforce solutions company can give you the advantage that you need to reach your long-term career goals, in the employ of a great company.

WRS is a workforce solutions company, operating in the mining, maritime, construction, energy and commodities space. Send us your CV or take a look at our current vacancies. One of our experienced consultants will be on hand to help you with the next step in your career.

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