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The challenges of successful C-suite recruitment

Posted by: Lucy Donald

Executive recruiting is different than your average hiring process. In order to recruit the best in the business for a senior management role, you must apply advanced recruiting methodology and know how.

Throughout the C-suite recruitment process you will be aiming to find and successfully hire directors, vice presidents, chief financial officers, chief executive officers and other similarly high-level officers within your companies. Finding and successfully hiring the ideal candidate for your company's C-suite level is critically important to the current and long-term success of your business and all its stakeholders.

The next person to head-up of any of the departments within your organisation will be making vital decisions that will shape company culture and financial success. Therefore, executive recruiting needs to be approached with the highest understanding of the challenges you are likely to face during the search, on boarding and mobilisation process.

Understand what you are up against

1) Companies are competing for the best talent at all levels, especially at the executive level.

2) Top-level executives know they are in demand and that they can choose where they want to work and under which conditions.

3) The chances are that the top executives are already employed, and they are not actively looking for a new job. 

4) The imminent skills gap.

In 2017, according to a recent report, 3.6 million executive leaders have retired, allowing younger employees to move to management positions, who in time will become the future executives. Millennial's are moving into leadership roles, leading to big changes. Millennial's are moving away from the traditional top-down corporate structure. Instead, they strive towards a collaborative and transparent management style. It will be interesting to see what impact different generations will have on how businesses of the future are managed. The fact remains that experience within a C-suite role is paramount.

To recruit an executive and a leader of tomorrow, you need to embrace these changes and look for the right qualities in your executive talent.

Recruiting the brightest and the best executives is a challenging task

Looking to fill a seat in your company’s C-suite isn’t your average hiring process and requires a different and more sophisticated level of recruiting skills than ever before. Working with a global workforce solutions company like WRS, who has been placing personnel at C-suite level for over 10 years, gives you access to a vast database of highly qualified candidates and an experienced and dedicated expert in C-suite recruitment to help you find the perfect candidate to shape and build your business. 

About the Author

Lucy Donald is Director of the highly successful WRS Mining Division, with over 10 years’ experience in C-suite recruitment with the mining industry and a member of the founding team at WRS. You can contact Lucy Donald on +44 (00) 61 926 2525 or email for a confidential discussion.

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Good day,I am a Production Shiftsupervisor Mining and therefor seeking job outside of South Africa and it is a BATTLE to get noticed.Although I have endless experience in mining for 29 years it just feels like nobody notice me(what can be wrong?)I have 15 years still to go and would like a new experience.any suggestions or directions on how to get hired?
Hendry Pretorius, 03 May 2019
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