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Top three advantages of working from home

Posted by: Mark Burslem

With much of the world in lockdown or encouraging social distancing, many of us find ourselves working from home. It’s not possible to do this in every industry, but the staff at WRS have been able to set up remotely and continue working to assist clients and candidates in the mining, marine and energy sectors as they navigate through this challenging period.

In the current climate, many people are anxiously juggling parenting and caring for vulnerable or high-risk relatives with working from home. It can seem an impossible task. The employers we speak to are aware of the challenges their workers face and are adapting their approach and expectations.
Despite the challenges, you may find that working from home has some advantages. Here, we take a look at some of the benefits you might start to enjoy as you become accustomed to home working.

Cut out the Commute

If you’re not in your workplace, then you’re commuting to and from it. Chances are, that’s how you’ll spend most of your week from Monday to Friday.
When you work from home, it presents an amazing opportunity to restore some balance. With no commute it means you can spend more time with your family or have more leisure time doing something you love, like going for a run or walking the dog. It can also cut down your outgoings considerably when you don’t have to pay for transport, fuel or parking.

A good work-life balance means a lot to us. It’s one of the three main drivers that attracts people to an organisation. A recent survey demonstrated just how important it is – most of the people questioned said that work-life balance would affect their decision to change jobs or even career.

Increased productivity

Working in an office or busy workplace where you interact with colleagues can be challenging. You might find that there are a lot of distractions and interruptions that you simply don’t have working from home. You won’t have colleagues dropping by your desk to ask a question or present you with a problem. You won’t need to hear what everyone did at the weekend. You won’t have to listen to the laughter from the canteen as people tuck into their lunch.

Technology has advanced around us and facilitated remote working. You don’t have to be in the office to have meetings. Why not arrange video conference calls? On the other hand, you may find you have more freedom to set your day how you choose with less meetings, meaning you can use your time to maximise productivity. This way, your work can be more streamlined. A potential meeting could turn into a quick email.

Taking regular breaks is key to staying productive. Taking a break at home could involve things you wouldn’t be able to do in your workplace, like playing your favourite music while you go out in the garden. This is probably much more refreshing than scrolling through social media at your desk.

Enhanced job satisfaction

Job satisfaction is something we all crave. It can increase your motivation to work, which in turn makes you more productive and more engaged. It good news for employers – satisfied staff who are engaged and motivated will perform better and stay in a job for longer. Working from home is a benefit many workers crave and is considered one of the top work perks. Those who have the option to work from home are said to be more satisfied with their jobs, which can contribute to higher staff retention rates and a happier workforce.

For more tips on working remotely, check out our blog on productivity tips for working from home. We’re all hoping that life returns to some semblance of normal soon and, for many, that means returning to their place of work. But, perhaps, this enforced working from home will encourage employers to offer it more widely.


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