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US solar power projects starting in 2021

Posted by: Sean Jenkins

Since 2008, installations of solar power systems have grown by 35% to an estimated 62.5GW today. This is enough capacity to power the equivalent of 12 million average American homes.

Currently, there are over 242,000 solar workers in the United States. Markets for solar energy are increasing fast. There are 237 solar projects scheduled for the next five years with a total value of $58 billion.

In this blog, we offer an overview of some of the major US solar projects for 2021.

Sunflower Solar PV Farm

The project will be built by Canadian Solar Inc. (“Canadian Solar”) subsidiary Recurrent Energy, LLC (“Recurrent Energy”) on behalf of Entergy Mississippi, Inc., which will own the facility once it becomes operational. The emissions-free, renewable energy facility will be sited on approximately 1,000 acres in Sunflower County. When the project is complete, which is expected to be by no later than 2022, it will connect to Entergy’s transmission grid in Ruleville.

The facility agreement was signed for a base purchase price of approximately $138.4 million. The project will be a single axis tracking photovoltaic power generator and its 350,000 PV modules will be able to generate enough clean energy to power over 16,000 homes.

Construction is expected to create approximately 360 jobs, and the plant will begin commercial operation by mid-2022. Once operational, Entergy Mississippi will own the Sunflower project, which will comprise 350,000 PV modules on single-axis trackers.

Commonwealth Solar Project

The Commonwealth Solar Project will be operated by Community Energy Inc. in Pennsylvania. The energy produced from the solar plant will be purchased by the University of Pennsylvania and will power 75% of the total electricity demand on the academic campus and the University of Pennsylvania Health System for 25 years, at a rate competitive with conventional electricity prices.

Construction on the solar project has been planned for Autumn 2021, with electricity delivery set to begin in 2023.

Happy Solar Park

Lightsource BP will finance, build, own and operate the facility and will deliver the solar energy it generates to Conway Corp under the fixed-rate power purchase agreement.

The Conway Solar project is located on 700 acres near Happy, Arkansas, approximately 55 miles northeast of Little Rock. It will supply clean energy to Conway Corp’s customers in the city of Conway and help the city reduce its carbon footprint.

In addition to providing fixed, low-cost power, the project will create 250 jobs during the construction of the facility. The project is expected to go online at the end of 2022. Lightsource is a joint venture with BP.

Pecan Prairie Solar Project

ConnectGen is developing a large-scale solar project in southwestern Leon County, TX. ConnectGen expects to install approximately 500 megawatts (MW) of solar in the area, enough energy to power over 50,000 homes in Texas.

ConnectGen has leased private pastureland in southwestern Leon County and anticipates commencing construction of its Pecan Prairie Solar Project in 2021 and beginning operations in 2022.

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