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Welcome to WRS: Andrew Cannon!

Posted by: Nina Dransfield

As part of our business growth in 2017, WRS has been working hard to bolster our successful teams with new talent - both fresh trainees full of potential, and experienced veterans of the recruitment world who already have a database in their brain, filled with high-quality candidates. 

In keeping with our continued efforts to further develop the profile of WRS, we will be subjecting our newest staff members to one final interview - an interview about their First Week at WRS! 

Hi Andrew, and welcome to WRS! You're a couple of weeks into your WRS career. How are you finding it?

Andrew: I'm finding it to be really good! I've joined the Marine team, which really feels like a department that always emits a friendly atmosphere. The team shares tight bonds with one another and there's a real collective effort to succeed. This probably also reflects the other departments around us. WRS feels like the kind of business that moves forward because everybody is pulling in the same direction. It's pretty cool.

That's fantastic to hear. Our Marine team has certainly gained recognition in recent months for the continued fantastic work by all involved. Sounds like you've entered a great team! 

Andrew: I agree. It's probably the place to be right now (don't tell anyone in the other teams I said that...), but yeah, and we've just had Rosie and Max transfer over to team Marine, too. Plenty of work at the moment. Massive opportunities to develop. 

I'll keep my mouth shut! What about the senior members of your team, have they helped you settle in? 

Andrew: After initially being a little nervous about meeting the team, learning something completely alien, and settling into a new environment, yeah, it's been great. My Team Manager, Matt, really eased me into the role and made sure my induction into team Marine was really smooth. It's been fun so far. I feel like I've been a part of the team for ages! Every member of the Marine team has been incredibly helpful, patient (thank you Jo, Scott, Sowsan, Tarnie, Lucy, Jennifer, and Matt for all the little tricks you've all shown me!) and always willing to lend a hand during those first few days, when I had lots of questions. 

Wow! Sounds like the team have been great in terms of your integration and it sounds like you're really dedicated to your work. What about... challenges. Have you encountered any difficulties in the role thus far?

Andrew: One of the biggest challenges that I faced so during my first week was simply the sheer amount of new terms that I had to learn. Acronyms and initialisms and so many job roles I'd simply not even thought about before! This all seemed terrifying to begin with...but I guess as with anything, we learn. We memorise, and working on a team that discusses these terms and titles all the time, it's all knowledge that has basically become second nature to me already!

Funny how the brain works. Okay, two more questions. Penultimate question: what would you say is the most important thing you learned or discovered during your first week at WRS?

Andrew: The biggest thing that I discovered during my first week was to just... be prepared to throw yourself into the role, and not be afraid to ask for help. We're all beginners at the beginning, right? 

Sound advice, Andrew! Lastly, tell us in a few words about you: what are your hobbies, what do you do in your spare time?

I enjoy visiting parts of England with my family; I play a lot of video games, I'm a big Arsenal supporter, and I'm currently writing my dissertation for my MA in Museum and Art Gallery Studies. So, yeah, those are what consume my downtime at the moment! 

Great, thanks Andrew and good luck with the dissertation! 

We'll have more Welcome to WRS interviews in the coming days, as we catch up with the other members who have joined WRS in recent weeks!

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