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Welcome to WRS: Harry Robertson!

Posted by: Harry Robertston

Welcome to WRS...Harry Robertson!

Position: Senior Recruitment Consultant

Department: UK Trades and Labour

As part of our business growth in 2017, WRS has been working hard to bolster our successful teams with new talent - both fresh trainees full of potential, such as recent newcomer Andrew Cannon, and experienced veterans of the recruitment world, who already possess a database in their brain that is filled with quality networking details and industry knowledge. 

In keeping with our continued effort to further develop the profile of WRS, we are subjecting our newest staff members to one final interview - an interview about their First Week at WRS! 

Hi Harry, welcome to WRS! You've been here for a couple of weeks now. Have you settled in well?

Harry: Thank you very much. Yeah I've settled well so far, it's been great. 

What are your thoughts so far on the WRS company atmosphere and the atmosphere of the WRS Trades and Labour team?

Harry: Immediately I felt I had joined a company with a great team spirit. Everyone was very friendly, and made me feel welcome. Two weeks in and I feel I've integrated into WRS pretty smoothly. 

WRS certainly values collective success, and we are very keen to ensure that everybody's efforts are appreciated. 

Have your team and your manager been complementary in embedding you into the WRS Trades team?

Harry: Absolutely! My divisional Manager, Mike, and all the team have been really great. There's a lot of banter flying across our team desks. I feel relaxed and able to work hard; I've been able to just get cracking straight away with approaching clients and doing the core of recruitment: building relationships. I've already brought clients on board, and with the help of Richard and Shaun I feel I'm already having a positive impact on the WRS Trades team. 

Sounds like everything is going well!

Harry: Absolutely, I can only see positives ahead; everything is very amicable.

Have you faced any challenges during your first weeks at WRS, Harry? 

Harry: No massive challenges as yet. There's always new computer software and tools to learn the mechanics of but beyond that, as I say, smooth integration. 

Two more questions about your first weeks at WRS: Have you learned anything valuable so far? 

Harry: I've been working hard to learn the different sectors WRS works across, and to remember the names of my colleagues in the other departments. 

A very shrewd move! Francis and Dan are very keen to stress the importance of cross-pollination with WRS's different sectors. There will no doubt be times when somebody who is in a different department will have some useful advice or information for you!

Final question, Harry. What do you do when you're not at WRS? 

Harry: When I'm not at WRS I am out watching and supporting Manchester United. I enjoy cooking, trying extravagant foods, and I've recently taken up golf, which is definitely consuming a lot of my downtime! 

Thanks Harry - good luck with your WRS career and the golf! 

Over the coming weeks, WRS will be quizzing more new staff members as we continue to expand our successful teams in Marine, Mining, Construction, and Oil & Gas. We are very excited to share their experiences with you! 


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