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Welcome to WRS: Joss Stott!

Posted by: Joss Stott

As part of our business growth in 2017, WRS has been working hard to bolster our successful teams with new talent - both fresh trainees full of potential, and experienced veterans of the recruitment world who already have a database in their brain filled with high-quality candidates. 

In keeping with our continued efforts to further develop the profile of WRS, we will be subjecting our newest staff members to one final interview - an interview about their First Week at WRS! 

Hi Joss, and welcome to WRS! You're a couple of weeks into your WRS career. How are you finding it? 

Joss: Hi and thanks! I'm having a great time. One thing I've immediately noticed and appreciate is the very friendly and welcoming atmosphere, from everyone to people at nearby desks through to the senior management. There seems to be some excellent banter flying from desk to desk at the same time that everybody is replying to emails, preparing to make phone calls to clients and candidates, and whatever else. It's made it really easy to settle in to. 

That's great! It's definitely a vibrant atmosphere here at WRS. 

Joss: And a few of my colleagues have assisted me in getting to grips with some of the day-to-day essentials. On my first day the telephones looked rather complex with all of the buttons but thanks to my colleagues I think I know what I'm doing now! 

Excellent. What about your manager? What have they done to help you settle in?

I've known my manager, Jordan, for quite some time, so he's been very warm and immediately made me feel like I'm contributing positively, despite me feeling like I was winging the whole thing. I'm making good progress though, so his wisdom is clearly paying off! 

Jordan is certainly a hard worker, you'll be well-placed to succeed with him! What about challenges... have you encountered anything challenging so far? 

Joss: This is my first job in recruitment, so I'm trying to establish what works and what doesn't as quickly as possible. It seems like quite a nuanced industry. My main aims are to work hard, understand the market that Jordan and I are in, and to make sure that I keep developing myself professionally.

Those are great aims! Okay, two more questions. If you were to say you learned or discovered one thing during your first week at WRS, what would it be? 

The more you put in, the more you get out. 

Always great advice! And what about your downtime... what are your outside interests?

That's a difficult one. I go to the gym. I go to gigs. I travel, and love wine tasting. And I cook quite a bit. But don't expect me to make you lunch. 

Got it! Thanks, Joss! 

Next week, we'll be quizzing another new WRS member regarding how they've settled in! 



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