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Welcome to WRS: Nathan Blake!

Posted by: 4mat Admin

As part of our business growth in 2017, WRS has been working to bolster our successful teams with new talent - both fresh trainees full of potential such as recent newcomer Andrew Cannon, and experienced veterans of the recruitment world, who already possess a database in their brain that is filled with quality networking details and industry knowledge. 

In keeping with our continued effort to further develop the profile of WRS, we are subjecting our newest staff members to one final interview - an interview about their First Week at WRS! 

Hi Nathan... Welcome to WRS! You've been here for over a week now, how are you settling in?

Nathan: Thank you! It's going great so far. The company atmosphere is energetic, professional, and modern. It feels like everyone is on the same page and there is a strong communication down through all levels of staff, which is refreshing. 

That's excellent - the atmosphere is definitely vibrant here at WRS! Has your team (UK Perm Construction) been gentle with you? 

Nathan: Yes! The housing team have been fantastic, made me feel welcome from minute one. A really chilled bunch of guys but very driven. There's been plenty of information sharing going on between us to further our collective knowledge of the market. This has been a great initiation for me given that my last six years have been rather different. 

We definitely harness a collective success attitude here at WRS, and the Housing guys are all great - be careful of John...he's a bit of a prankster! 

Have you faced any challenges at WRS so far, Nathan? 

Nathan: So far, the challenges I've faced are probably learning WRS's database, and currently having somewhat of an admin-heavy role while I get my market set up. I'm itching to get back on the phone and make some calls but I know that familiarising myself with the core components of WRS is essential to my success here. 

Sounds like you've certainly got your head in the game! Okay penultimate question, Nathan: can you mention something that you've discovered during your First Week at WRS?

Nathan: After six years in one business, I was fairly sure that every company was the same - wrong! WRS is different. There's a real air of professionalism despite the great atmosphere, and all the processes and standards are first class in terms of maturity. I'm delighted to be here. 

Last question: what do you get up to when you're not at WRS?

I'm a keen Manchester United fan, and I enjoy socialising with my friends! When I can, I also go running. 

Thanks, Nathan! 

Over the coming weeks, WRS will be quizzing more new staff members as we continue to expand - we are very excited to share their experiences with you! 

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Hi, I am an IT Specialist. If I can get a job with you I will appreciate alot.
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