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Welcome to WRS: Pete Jones

Posted by: Mark Burslem

It’s always exciting when we get new additions to the team. WRS welcomed Pete Jones who joins the Energy Division as a Senior Recruitment Consultant.

We sat down with Pete to find out more about the energy divisions latest addition.

What do you do at WRS?

My role at WRS is to expand our presence in America, WRS has been successful in America for several years due to our client relationships across the Energy sector, so my role will be driving this forward.

What attracted you to WRS?

The opportunity to be part of something exciting, WRS have been around for 13 years, with continued success in the industry and growth aspirations outlined from the start, it was the obvious choice to join WRS. I also thought there was a great cultural fit, which is important to me when work is such a big part of the day.

How did you find the remote on boarding process?

The remote on boarding process was very smooth, with video calls and updates it was easy to crack on. I have found it easy to get in touch with the right people that I need at the company and everyone has been great at making it feel easy.  

What do you like about working at WRS?

WRS is run very entrepreneurial and your opinion matters. Should you see an opportunity in the industry where the company could profit, you are free to explore with the backing of the business. I have worked for a few big organisations, and although I enjoyed it, it was often difficult to effect change quickly and work in an agile way. The people and the culture at WRS mean that we can see an opportunity and go after it together.

What did you do before working at WRS?

I have been in the recruitment for ten years working for some of the largest firms in various locations (US, Europe, and PNG). I have worked in the Energy sector for the majority of that time supporting clients in Oil & Gas and renewable energy.   

What are your motivations in your career?

My career is motivated by achieving success through teamwork, and I particularly enjoy mentoring and coaching others. I enjoy learning about new industry sectors, projects and coming up with creative ideas to improve. Having the opportunity to expand WRS in the US is a big career motivation for me and I’m really excited to see what happens in the next 12 months.

What is the biggest challenge candidate face when looking for a new role?

It’s often easy for people to jump around different organisations as they believe this is the best way to build their career, I think to really progress your career it’s worth analysing what you want to achieve and whether that company can give you that. For candidates this is often a challenge and so I think it’s really important when talking to candidates to understand what they want to achieve with their career and in personal lives and help them understand how a move in their career can help support this.

How do you see recruitment progressing in 10 years?

Industries are changing all the time with new ideas and technologies, with that comes a demand recruiting the right people to grow the business. Covid-19 is a great example of the unpredictability of recruitment, where we have often established relationships in person, or worked in office spaces in teams this changed radically overnight. Technology has enabled this change to be much easier than it could have been, and I think the role of technology will only increase. Video conferencing, opportunity visualisation, behavioural analysis of candidates.

What do you do for fun?

I enjoy most sports and socialising with friends, I love playing golf and walking the dog.

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