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Welcome to WRS: Stacy Hidden!

Posted by: Stacy Hidden

As part of our business growth in 2017, WRS has been working to bolster our successful teams with new talent - both fresh trainees full of potential such as recent newcomers Andrew Cannon and Joss Stott, and experienced veterans of the recruitment world, who already possess a database in their brain that is filled with quality networking details and industry knowledge. 

In keeping with our continued effort to further develop the profile of WRS, we are subjecting our newest staff members to one final interview - an interview about their First Week at WRS! 

Hi, Stacy... Welcome to WRS! You're now a couple of weeks into your WRS career. How are you getting on?

Stacy: Hi and thank you! I'm enjoying my start to WRS life. The atmosphere of team mining and the whole company, so vibrant and positive, has really helped. I feel part of a friendly but competitive environment. 

That's fantastic, Stacy. Team Mining certainly has a vivacious vibe coming out of it. Are you enjoy working with your new manager, Lucy Donald? 

Stacy: I have worked with Lucy briefly previously. She has been really lovely. Encouraging and optimistic. I feel welcome and included and that's really great when settling in. 

Excellent, and what about challenges? Have you encountered any so far in your opening weeks here at WRS? 

Stacy: My biggest challenge right now is resisting the vending machines! Ha. 

Best answer so far, that one! Two more questions, Stacy. Have you learned or discovered anything useful since you've joined WRS? 

Stacy: I've worked in recruitment for almost ten years now so I knew what to expect in terms of coming in and setting up a new patch. The great team and company culture has made that transition even smoother. 

And what do you do in your downtime... any hobbies? 

Stacy: Outside of work, I enjoy travelling, cooking, and going to the gym. Somehow, I have to try to fit all of those into my busy family life, with two children! 

Sounds rewarding and a little tiring... thanks very much and good luck, Stacy! 

Over the coming weeks, WRS will be quizzing more new members regarding how they've settled into their first weeks at WRS!

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