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What benefits does using an MLC compliant crewing agency bring to your business?

Posted by: Matthew Spells

MLC compliance provides a framework which is designed to protect seafarers’ rights at work. Whilst the MLC was primarily put in place to benefit – and protect – those who work at sea against unfair treatment, utilising MLC 2006 and in particular using an MLC compliant staffing agency can bring a wide range of benefits to your marine organisation.

Some of the benefits of working with an MLC compliant staffing agency include:

Correctly certified crew

An MLC compliant agency will ensure all crew working on board your vessels are fully certified – both to legal minimums and also to your particular policies and need. This means you needn’t get involved in checking certs – a good crewing agent will always handle this paperwork and ensure those working on board your vessels are both safe and legal to start work. Not only this, but WRS will verify all seafarer documentation with the relevant authorities

Adhering to crew labour laws

Working with a compliant agent means that it’s their responsibility to adhere to labour laws – so your business can operate in a way which benefits its employees and is sensitive of laws.

Regular auditing

Non-compliances can create huge problems in marine businesses. WRS, like all compliant agencies, is regularly audited by the Maritime Labour Convention meaning our processes are proven to be correct. That means less downtime for us, and consequently less downtime for our marine industry clients.

Benefits to seafarers and clients

WRS provide all seafarer benefits over and above the MLC compulsory minimums, including comprehensive insurances to protect all parties involved - including medivac, emergency repatriation, sickness and comprehensive travel insurance.

Peace of mind that your crew are being treated well

Part of MLC compliance is ensuring that crew never have to pay for recruitment services – so a compliant organisation will never charge its seafarers any fees for placement. We also ensure that seafarers are paid on time, every time – meaning you don’t need to worry about the payroll process at all.

Global experience

A compliant agency will most likely have experience around the world. We work across all the world’s oceans and are well-versed in local labour laws, in country taxes and legislation amendments. WRS monitor changes in legislation to ensure that our crew are up to date and well informed of any legislation movements.

Collaborative working

A good agency should not just provide crewing services, but also become a consultative solutions provider – our experience across the whole Maritime sector means we are able to give advice to ship owners and vessel operators regarding a wide range of issues including legislative changes, documentation compliance, and we are even able to undertake seafarer satisfaction surveys at client request.

If your business is looking to connect with a compliant agency for staffing and crew management, do feel free to contact me using the below details:

Matthew Spells

Global Marine Manager
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