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Why You Should Use WRS

Posted by: Mark Burslem

When you choose WRS to find your next professional, we do not believe that treating you merely as a customer is an effective solution to your staffing needs. We want to provide you with a recruitment solution that is ultimately realised through authentic communication, and this can only be achieved from our side by ensuring that all of our recruitment teams are outfitted with dedicated professionals with sector-specific expertise. We want your next staff acquisition to be as efficient as possible for all parties. 

Whether it’s Marine, Mining, Construction, Oil and Gas, or Manufacturing and Engineering, we believe we have five teams of equal strength and knowledge, ready for you. 

Here are a few of our proffered benefits: 

  • Specialist consultants. Not only do WRS's teams’ consultants specialise in particular industries, but through the determination to build relationships, our consultants can boast specialist knowledge of industry activity in key regions.
  • Bespoke solution. At WRS, we do not believe in “one size fits all” recruitment. We take time to understand the needs of your organisation to ensure that we can source the professional(s) to suit you. We do this by considering the experience, qualifications, and certificates of potential candidates, and further by asking key questions to determine how well the candidate would integrate into your company’s unique culture.
  • Pressure relieved from you. WRS reduces the burden on your internal sourcing teams by saving you time and money.

Our consultants are hired based on a number of important factors. Experience can be crucial because it can bring previous knowledge, but fresh, intelligent and most importantly, determined individuals often join WRS with a hunger to learn an industry and quickly progress through our learning academy, much to the delight of WRS. Blooding our young talent enables us to continue to embed a sense of community into the WRS culture. 

Now you know about our consultants, but what about our specific services? What can we offer you?

  • Experienced travel logistics team. WRS boasts a global mobility team with backgrounds in travel management; we thrive at delivering optimum travel itineraries, often in difficult-to-reach regions of the world. We are legally compliant in all countries within which we do business; we are able to obtain permits and have vast experience in migration regulations and visa processing; and we accommodate for all modes of travel. We specialise in marine and fully flexible fares and provide contractor care at all stages of mobilisation and demobilisation.
  • Managed services. We can build a bespoke business solution for you that might include permanent staffing, crew management, integrated RPO, outsourced international payroll, and contingent workforce solutions. These services can enable you to reap the benefits of consolidated invoicing, on-demand reporting, and travel/mobilisation logistics. You will receive a dedicated account manager and team, which will oversee recruitment, financial and QHSE management, Global Mobility, payroll, and compliance personnel.
  • Project Management and Consultancy. WRS wants to work with you to create compelling solutions, and in doing so we address key factors regarding your request including localisation; diversity and inclusion; research studies bespoke to your needs; talent and market mapping; compensation and benefit studies; and redeployment services.

Whether it’s a one-off permanent placement for a remote mine site, or the delivering of a fully-staffed Managed Service project for a number of cross-continental offshore vessels, WRS will find the perfect solution to ensure that your business achieve its goals. 

To discuss your recruitment needs please call us on +44 161 926 2525 or email:

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