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WRS Employee of the Year 2020

Posted by: Sharon Dunleavy

WRS Employee of the year 2020 was awarded to Richard Baillie-Gray, Contractor Care Manager. We sat down with Richard (virtually, of course!) to get his reaction on winning this prestigious title and find out how 2020 was from his perspective.

How do you feel about winning this accolade?

I am very happy that I won this award, slightly shocked as so many of my colleagues also deserve it, but happy. 2020 was a very tough year for everyone and being able to continue to deliver recruitment solutions safely and securely for our clients was a combination of teamwork, dedication, hard work and persistence when things got tough. So really, I share this award with all my colleagues at WRS.

What qualities do you feel are your best? Do you think these helped you earn the title for 2020?

I think my best qualities are organisation, dedication and willingness to help. With the turbulent year that was 2020, we, our clients and candidates suffered project delays, flight cancellations and travel restrictions which needed to be tracked constantly. My organisational skills really came into play keeping our clients and contractors updated so they could continue to operate as smoothly as possible. My dedication to WRS and willingness to help have seen me expand my role. I don’t just work as a Contractor Care Manager; I also look after our CRM and the subsequent training of my colleagues. We recently made improvements to the system and added more functions which was pretty time consuming. Combined with the additional training required and the challenges faced by our clients and contractors 2020 was indeed a very busy year for me. I do feel these skills have helped me achieve all I have in the past year and I am thrilled that WRS agreed and gave me this award.

What do you love about working for WRS?

The great thing about working for WRS is the people and the consistent support. Even when working remotely, which seems to have been forever, WRS have continued to find things to engage and entertain such as online events including quizzes, weekly wellbeing updates, challenges and regular team calls. Not only is there a great sense of “WRS community”, there is also a good support network for those who need it. No matter what the issue, the WRS team can always find a solution.


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