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WRS enjoys success after adapting to changing job market

Posted by: Mark Burslem

Worldwide Recruitment Solutions has signed several deals with new clients after targeting the renewable energy sector where the job market is thriving.

A dedicated team of experienced recruiters – Chloe Jordan, Pete Jones and Chris Morton-Collings – are heading up the expansion of our renewables department. They have been engaging with candidates and clients with specific knowledge of solar, onshore and offshore wind, PV, Bio Energy, Hyrdro, Storage, Utilities and Power.

WRS has long been established as a leading provider of talent in the offshore marine and oil & gas sectors, making the addition of the renewable energy sector an easy transition.

It was vital for WRS to move into this area of recruitment so we can support the move towards sustainable energy production. Britain is increasingly becoming coal-free and a new record for the longest period of time without burning coal to produce energy was set in June 2020, when the country went two months without it. There are a number of projects going on globally that are exciting and innovative, using latest technologies to come up with carbon-neutral methods of powering the world. For instance, a new start-up called Aqva-Float UK is investing in a system for solar farms to run on water. This would limit the destruction to local vegetation and wildlife which our usual energy producing activities have caused. Engineers are a forward thinking, ambitious group of people; we want to give them a chance to be on the cutting edge of the latest technology with the opportunities we can offer. Delivering these large and complex projects will need the help of recruitment firms who have a vast reach to find the best talent, which is where our services and experience comes in.

Our service offering not only hits the sweet spot for candidates, but for the businesses that trust us with their recruitment needs too. WRS is expert in delivering the very best talent through our candidate networking and sourcing methods, not least the substantial internal database of hundreds of thousands of experienced candidates we have worked with since our birth some 12 years ago. We work in close partnership with our clients to understand exactly what skills they need in order to deliver the multi-million-pound projects they work on.

We appreciate the importance of hiring the right people – it’s a process we go through ourselves when we bring on board a new Recruitment Consultant. No matter if they join us as a Junior or if they are an experienced Recruiter, attracted to WRS by our employee attraction and engagement strategies, we train everyone through our Learning and Development programme to ensure they do Recruitment the WRS way. For us, it’s about saying what we do and doing what we say, it’s about working hard for our clients to exceed expectations and earn their respect, it’s about building relationships with people to understand what they want from their career and how we can help them achieve it.

When they come on board with us, each new Consultant is given a specific market to immerse themselves in, so you can rely on their industry expertise and geographical knowledge. They spend time talking to people on the market to learn about the challenges around recruitment and where there are talent gaps. We use this information to map the market and identify where the best people are, even if that is another region or country. Then, with the support of our dedicated travel team, we enable those candidates to get to the places where their skills are needed most. We have the capability to work with entities looking for permanent or contract staff and can organise all aspects of sourcing and on-boarding a new recruit. With geographical hubs in Europe, the Middle East, APAC and North America, supported by a network of well-established and trusted partnerships around the world, we offer truly global solutions.

It’s an exciting time to be part of WRS as we go from strength to strength with the opening of our new Renewables division. WRS is looking forward to helping energy companies create a brighter future. If you are a candidate who works in that sector and you’re looking for a new opportunity, or if you’re a hiring manager in a business that requires additional personnel, please reach out to Chloe Jordan by emailing her on

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