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WRS has Instagram! Have you followed us yet?

Posted by: Kathie Higginson

That's right - WRS has Instagram. And we LOVE IT. 

Instagram, so many people are already aware, is a thorough platform, a multi-media-focused platform, that enables users to post photos, boomerangs, and videos of their latest goings on. With plenty of character space for detailed captions and the ever-present hashtag (#) feature embedded into the app, you can keep people apprised of your latest news, and create keyword searches to find some of the most relevant content that you're looking for. 

Here at WRS, we take great pleasure in using our Instagram account in a host of ways: short videos to celebrate deal completions; photos of prizes, or of our hardworking teams going about their day; and for content creation that advertises our latest blogs or that celebrates a current holiday - anywhere across the globe!

So, the point we're making is, you really should be following us on Instagram. Here's a link to save you the trouble of finding us yourself! 

And here it is again, just in case you couldn't see it above:

Who knows... if you follow WRS, WRS might follow you back. 

What content are you creating/sharing on Instagram? We'd love to know, especially if your content is related to recruitment! Comment below. 

We will be broadcasting our activity across more social media platforms in the coming weeks, so, as radio hosts used to say...stay tuned! 

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