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WRS in Kurdistan

Posted by: Mark Burslem

Last week our Global Business Development Manager, Chris Morton-Collings, took an exciting trip to Kurdistan and he even got the chance to go on a drilling rig! We sat down with Chris and asked him about his trip.

What was the purpose of the trip? 
I went to see some of our existing clients in Kurdistan where I was lucky enough to be invited onto their drilling rig, which was an unbelievable experience! One of the many reasons I enjoy my frequent trips to Kurdistan is the opportunity to meet up and network with new contacts and making as many local connections as possible. Having the opportunity to meet face-to-face and ask questions about operations, project plans and business challenges is invaluable, it allows me to provide workforce solutions that meet the business needs and that personnel are the perfect fit for the company culture.


How important is it to take time out to see your clients? 
It’s imperative to the progression of WRS as we expand into remote location environments in our new offices.

What was it like being on the drilling rig? 
Really mind blowing to take in the size of it all. And the level of strength that these guys work with daily in regard to the equipment that they handle all day and night in 12-hour shifts!!

What did you find interesting about being on the drilling rig?
In the nine years I have worked in Oil & Gas recruitment I have been on many refineries and processing facilities, but I have never been on a drilling rig. It was excellent to get onto the drill floor and witness the sheer size and scale of one of these rigs!

What was the highlight of your trip?
I have been going to Kurdistan for 5 years’ now on ad hoc rotations and I absolutely love the place. The people, the food, the city itself, the surrounding mountain region. It’s just a fantastic place and I wish a lot more people had the chance to visit Kurdistan like I do.  

Did you have any pre-conceptions of visiting Kurdistan?
None at all. It’s a great place. It has a safe and secure feeling to it. You are in Northern Iraq, granted, but you wouldn’t know it sometimes! 

Why do WRS have an office in Kurdistan? 
We have been involved there for the last 5 years’ and will continue to build up there. We are now engaged with 60% of the oil companies in country and we intend to build to complete market coverage. 

How can WRS help businesses in Kurdistan?
We offer a bespoke locally assisted manpower provision and contracting service and we are confident we can deliver to the highest level on all requirements. We are investing in Kurdistan for the future.

WRS is a global workforce solutions and mobilisation company. Operating in the energy, maritime, mining, construction and commodities industries. Chris has over 10 years' experience in the sector and is currently working on a number of exciting projects. If you are considering your next move or would like some advice, please contact Chris on +44 (0) 161 926 4650 or email

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