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WRS Supporting Clients during COVID-19

Posted by: Mark Brown

COVID-19 is presenting a number of challenges to WRS’s customers. In response to the worldwide travel restrictions, we’ve noticed a spike in localised recruitment. In practice, this means that our clients are asking us to find personnel already based in the country they are operating in, eliminating the need to obtain visas, cross borders or fly during this time. It’s fantastic that this a possibility for some clients and it will present new opportunities for locals. However, this kind of in-country, localised recruitment can be problematic.

WRS recruits for specialist, highly skilled roles and facilitates travel for these sought-after candidates wherever they’re based. Undoubtedly, the talent pool is smaller when we can’t cherry-pick the most talented people from around the world to present to our clients. What’s more, a number of our candidates work on a rotation, flying in and out of country for work and returning home. Even these movements are restricted which means some contractors are unable to go home or return to work as per their rotation, significantly restricting the options for clients.

WRS is working closely with its customers to ensure essential projects stay on track during this difficult time. Even with the challenges of COVID-19, recruitment is still happening. Right now, the Energy, Marine and Mining divisions at WRS are busy with multiple new vacancies, all received in the last two weeks. We have found that some HR employees and other staff normally involved in the hiring process within the businesses we work with have been furloughed or diverted to other work (such as implementing business continuity plans in response to the pandemic) and there is less focus on essential recruitment. This is where we can be most effective in offering support, as companies opt to outsource their recruitment processes to WRS, relieving their internal teams and allowing them to focus on maintaining operations.

We offer this managed services approach to a number of clients. WRS currently provides crew management for offshore support vessels, all of which are facing challenges and having to adapt operations, for instance reconsidering how to rotate staff and where to source personnel from. This raises other questions, such as questions around tax, which WRS can support on. We offer consultative support to enable the most cost-efficient solutions during these difficult times.

Countries around the world are increasingly adopting sweeping measures, including full lockdowns, shutting airports, imposing travel restrictions and sealing their borders, to contain the coronavirus. WRS is requesting all employees keep regularly updated with the latest communications published by the World Health Organisation and the local authorities where they are based.

Currently, WRS has large-scale recruitment drives ongoing in the UK, Malaysia, Mexico, UAE, Saudi Arabia and Qatar, alongside gap fill hires ongoing in Asia Pacific, Africa and the Americas. In all of these locations we are looking for local hires or personnel locked in country due to the current travel bans. Adapting to the ever-changing situation, thinking on our feet and ensuring clients and candidates are aware that we’re here to support has been our aim over the last few weeks.

If you have staffing requirements or require advice on hiring within the current Coronavirus pandemic, we can help. Call us today on +44 161 926 2525 or email: Our services, your solutions. 

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