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Construction & Civil Engineering Team

All of our team members specialise in specific industries, disciplines and even regions – click on the images below to learn more about each individual team member and learn more about their focus.
Richard Baillie-Gray
Consultant - Trades & Labour
David Beckett
Managing Consultant - Construction
Ella Cann
Consultant - EMEA Construction
Wyn Davies
Partner - Construction
Tony Dean
Managing Consultant - Commercial Construction
Liam Dodd
Consultant - Construction Trades & Labour
Shaun Kelly
Senior Consultant - Mechanical & Electrical
Andrew Kerr
Principal Consultant
John Kirkham
Consultant - New Build Housing UK
Jing Leong
Consultant - Engineering & Construction
Joselito Martin
Senior Consultant - Civil Infrastructure
Michael McNeill
Manager - UK Construction
Martha Silitonga
Senior Consultant - Construction
Ted Tan
Consultant - Rail Sector
Melanie Walker
Consultant - Commercial Construction UK