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Hinkley Point

Hinkley Point is the first Nuclear new build project in a generation, and will be capable of generating 7% of the UK’s Energy Requirements. The Construction will take around 10 years, and will create over 25,000 jobs over this period – meaning opportunities for local people and businesses and bringing many benefits to Somerset and the wider South West.

The go-ahead was given by the UK Government back in September 2016, with the first energy to be generated in 2025. The project is being led by French energy giant EDF, 85% of which is owned by the French state, but some of the funding is also coming from China’s CGN, who have a 33.5% stake in the project.

As nuclear is a low-carbon source of electricity, Hinkley Point C will help the UK to reach its climate targets. Alongside this, the economic benefits to the South West will be in the region of £1.5bn during construction and £2.4bn during operation.

Mark Brown, WRS' Chief Executive Officer, says, "it's good to see investment put into nuclear - it's clear that the UK is facing increasing energy demands and it's of the utmost importance to secure our energy future. Safeguards have been put in place to ensure that Hinkley Point C can supply safe and low carbon energy for up to 60 years, and the Prime Minister Theresa May's approval back in September means that there will be an abundance of jobs at Hinkley Point in the coming years."

Initially the available roles will lie within Construction disciplines, as it will be 10 years before Hinkley Point C begins producing energy. Once operational, around 1,000 roles will work at the new station.

WRS is now looking to connect with Construction personnel across a wide range of disciplines within Construction, Earthworks, Civil, Mechanical & Electrical and Air Conditioning. If you have experience of working on UK Nuclear projects, we would love to hear from you regarding potential future employment on nuclear projects within the UK and further afield.

If you would like to submit your CV to be considered for Nuclear project roles - Construction, Generation or Transmission - within the UK and Europe, please get in touch today on the following details:

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