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Jordan Randall

Telephone: +44 161 926 2525
Job title: Global Manager – Trading & Commodities

Talk to me about Trading and Commodities... 

I joined WRS in 2011 and served on the South African Mining Division for 2 years before progressing into the new divisional set up in the Central & West African regions. I covered mid-senior level appointments (up to board level) and enjoyed a great deal success over a 4 year period. My remit included both local and expat assignments where I later expanded to further international operations in the APAC and CIS regions.

In 2015 I headed off on a sabbatical in South America & North America. Mind Blown.

Upon my return, I was tasked to open the Trading Division at WRS as part of our continuous diversification programme. I have a global focus on sourcing Physical & Proprietary Trading  professionals ranging from the Front, MO and Back office. My initial geography focus has been aimed at the  traditional trading hubs; London, NYC, Singapore & Geneva – with the ongoing analysis of emerging markets in the pipeline.

I’m passionate about maintaining integrity, honesty and quality in all aspects of my work whilst not losing faith in the fact that the process can be enjoyable.

I adopt a simplicity approach to my work at WRS and my methods. I believe that the recruitment process does not need to be overcomplicated where mutual respect between clients, candidates and myself is the most important factor. I achieve this by communicating clearly with my key stake holders and remaining focussed on the sourcing of high calibre professionals.

In my spare time I enjoy being as creative as possible with a range of hobbies from playing and collecting guitars, playing lacrosse, upcycling, attending metal gigs, camping and travelling as much as possible. I have one continent left to go; Antarctica will be ticked off one day!

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