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Project Restart

 We’re delighted to announce that the office will re-open from Monday 6th July 2020. I know that, for some of you, this will be welcome news. Working from home day in day out doesn’t suit everybody!

However, the Covid-19 pandemic has not totally passed by and there are still precautions to take. It would be naïve to assume that life will just return to normal and, in any event, adaptation back to the old way of life will take time. It’s natural to have concerns about returning to a shared space, like an office, given the current situation. In this document, we will outline the health and safety measures we have put in place to limit the risks for employees using the office.

At the moment, the advice from the government is to work from home if you can, so there’s no expectation to come back in to the office if you don’t wish to, don’t feel safe to, don’t feel that it’s possible to travel safely to and from the office, or you or someone you live with are considered at higher risk of becoming seriously ill from Covid-19. Some employees are still managing childcare and working due to schools and nurseries being shut, so are also not able to come back to the office just yet. Communicate with your line manager about your own individual needs and plans.

If you do plan on coming back to the office, then we look forward to seeing you!

 Best wishes,

Mark Brown CEO

Distancing measures

 When you return to the office, you will notice that it looks a little different. We have laid out markings on the floor to direct the flow of people in a one-way system around the building. Please make sure you adhere to these markings.

We have created a seating plan to ensure that everyone is spread out around the office maintaining, where possible, the advised 2m social distance guidance as you sit at your desks. In the new seating plan, no one is sat directly opposite each other. If you go to a colleague’s desk to speak to them, please ensure that you observe the 2m guidance rule.

Cleanliness and Hygiene

 The advice from the medical experts remains the same as before lockdown began with regards to cleanliness. Please refrain from touching your face and wash your hands regularly. We have set up hand sanitiser stations around the building, including at the entrance. Please make sure on leaving and entering the building you are sanitising your hands. There is also a hand sanitising station by the entrance to the upstairs kitchen to use on entering and exiting this area.

If you have used public transport or stopped at a petrol station, shop, etc. on the way to work, please be especially careful.

Everyone MUST sanitise their hands on entering the building.

We have put posters up around the building to remind you of the best practice to prevent the spread of germs. All of this relies on your being careful around the office. Take care of yourself and your colleagues by following these instructions.


It has been proven that wearing facemasks reduces the risk of spreading Covid-19. We would like employees to wear masks when they enter and leave the office building. We will provide you with masks for this purpose when you return to the office. Other than that, we do not feel that facemasks and other PPE is necessary, but feel free to use them if you would like to.

Deep Clean

The office has undergone a deep clean in the period we have been absent from it. In addition, the kitchen has been cleared out. Going forward, you will need to bring your own cutlery, plates, bowls, mugs and cups to use in the office for your food and drinks. Please take these home with you at the end of each day to wash. Do not make cups of tea/coffee or get drinks for colleagues during the working day.

The cleaners will be coming each day to the office to clean the communal spaces. However, as already stated, it is your responsibility to clean your desk space and you must do this at the end of each day before you leave the office using the antibacterial wipes we have provided.


If you feel unwell or are suffering from a cold, however minor it may seem, please DO NOT come into the office. If you are well enough to work, then please do so from home. You must alert your Line Manager in the morning if you feel unwell and are unable to come to work. If you start to feel unwell during the day, alert your Line Manager. Then you MUST go home immediately.

The thermometer is available for use if you wish to check your temperature. However, if you feel unwell but your temperature is normal, we would still request that you go home immediately. Due to distancing rules, no one will be able to take your temperature for you. Please do not take each other’s temperatures.

If you come into the building and then, at a later date, test positive for Covid-19, please let us know straight away. If anyone who has been in the building tests positive for Covid-19, we will shut the office immediately and ask everyone who has been in the building to go home and isolate with their household for 14 days



Except the use of the water dispenser, the downstairs kitchen is closed for the time being, but Team Finance will have their own facilities in their office including a kettle and a fridge. The kitchen upstairs will be accessible for the drink’s machines and water dispensing machine. This means you are NOT permitted to use the fridges or microwave or sit in the kitchen to eat your food.  


We are NOT permitting any visitors to the building, or deliveries. Please do not arrange any face to face meetings until instructed it is ok to do so. Do NOT order parcels to be delivered to the WRS office building. We are determined to limit the amount of people that come and go from the building. Occasionally, it will be necessary to have essential deliveries (for example, stationery deliveries) or visitors (for example, building maintenance). If you welcome a visitor to the office, please make sure they use the hand sanitiser provided upon entering the building and remain 2m away from them. 


For the time being, there is a blanket ban on business travel across WRS. Please DO NOT arrange any face to face meetings where you will be required to visit the office of a client, whether in the UK or overseas.


To limit risk, we ask that Team Finance use the toilets on the ground floor and other staff use the toilets upstairs. There will be a ‘one at a time’ policy in place in the toilets going forward. There will be a sign that you will need to put up on entering the toilets and take down when you leave to make people aware if the toilet is occupied.

Meeting Rooms

The meeting rooms are available for use, but you must sit apart in these rooms (at a distance of 2m) neither directly opposite nor next to each other. They will be cleaned every day by the cleaners, but please make sure you wash your hands before entering and after leaving these rooms to keep them clean.

Protocols summary

  • Sanitise your hands:
    • Every time you enter the building
    • After you have been in ‘common areas’, including the toilet, kitchen, photocopier etc.
  • Do not touch your face
  • Do not come to work if you feel unwell or are displaying Covid-19 symptoms
  • Leave work immediately if you feel unwell or are displaying Covid-19 symptoms
  • Advise your line manager immediately if you test positive for Covid-19
  • Sanitise your hands regularly
  • Adhere to the one-way system
  • Clean down your desk equipment every day with the wipes provided
  • Only use office equipment at your designated desk
  • Only one person at a time is permitted to use the toilet
  • Do not take anyone’s temperature other than your own
  • Consume food and drinks at your assigned desk only
  • Do not make drinks for anyone other than yourself
  • Do not use the fridges or microwaves
  • No visitors
  • Do not order ANY goods to be delivered to the office
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