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Drilling Superintendent Contractor, Gabon and Ivory Coast

I have been involved with WRS for a number of years in Gabon and Ivory Coast as a Drilling Superintendent.
WRS have the highest standard I have ever seen; many companies have contacted me since and I have seen they are nowhere near the level of WRS and I have referred or told anyone I know: that you are the best option.
Chris Morton-Collings became a friend over the years and is classed as part of our family; I could never speak highly enough of him. He takes care and will always support and help when needed. Whatever country I was in, Chris always called every week just to make sure all was well and I don't think any other company would do that.
Jeanett Abbotson is always helpful and dedicated. I haven't had any issue with any flights or hotels. In short it's been my honour to have worked for and with you all.
Kevin Hall
Drilling Superintendent
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I am interested for the position of Drilling Superintendent
HONOUR OSUWE, 08 March 2017
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