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Senior Contract Manager

Posted by: Fay Solomon
It is my pleasure to recommend Ella as a highly-skilled recruitment professional in the Construction sector. She recently successfully completed my placement with an international company, in fact, one of the leaders of the construction market. Ella's service was delivered to a very high standard, with her responses being punctual and within the agreed timelines. The information that I received from her was reasonably detailed and, more importantly, communicated in a clear and understandable manner. I was pleasantly surprised with Ella's approach towards the recruitment process, because she had always provided me feedback from the employer and always listened and helped to clarify any of my concerns. From our conversations, I always knew what was coming next and whose action was required. In my experience there was not a single instance of miscommunication, which made the overall process seem easy, stress-free, and smooth. Ella's responses were timely and she had superbly managed to contact me at appropriate times at my then current job. It is amazing how Ella, as part of the WRS Construction team, which are based in Manchester, UK, has managed to successfully place me on a project in Russia with an international Europe-based contractor. It is clear to me that Ella and WRS generally possess the skills necessary to lead recruitment processes internationally, and I would certainly recommend Ella and her team to my expatriate colleagues in the future.
Senior Contract Manager, Rizzani De Eccher
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