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Senior Oil & Gas Industry Leader and Director

Global Mobility at WRS are simply fantastic in all aspects of managing global mobility and logistics. They are efficient, tactical, and quick to respond to important or urgent needs due to client / consultant restraints or needs. They are part of a significant global, highly respected company, but yet continue to offer that personal, intimate, and very friendly service which all of us in the industry most appreciate. They are, without doubt, currently one of the best global mobility teams in the international consulting and manpower business... As evidence, I have continued to use them for this reason even after my time working through their company as a consultant has finished. I'd highly recommend them for any of these types of services."
Eric Roth
Senior Oil & Gas Industry Leader and Director, former client of WRS
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. I have 21 years really perfect experience in oil and gas industries offshore and onshore area. I am one of the best and really expert in subjects like Reservoir management, Well control, WHCP Commissioning, Well services, wire line, ESP Installation & operation, Well completion, production operation, Gas injection, Gas lift, Water injection, Chemical injection, API optimization, DCS operation, PLC operation, PTW coordination, HSE management, Project management, Commissioning of all upstream facility & equipment, Hand over coordination and hand over management, Cost estimation & Cost management, Claim preparation, Engineering, Process design, Design review, FSU operation and FSU Management, Maintenance, Water treatment, Waste water treatment, CFU, Oil processing, Gas processing, Gas compression, Gas treatment, H2S Experience & Practice up to 265000PPM, Electro technical expert, Instrumentation devices calibration & etc.
mohammad kheiri, 02 November 2016
i need job in OIL & GAS industries.
Waqas Ali, 26 February 2017
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