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Various Seafarers working for WRS on a large Managed Service contract

Posted by: Tarnie Williams
WRS takes care of its people and any queries and concerns are dealt with with the utmost urgency and transparency.”
WRS has a set of office staff would could manage a huge crew, consisting of humble professionals that deal with crew in an impressive way of approach and with a prompt response for any query or problem.”
Tarnie Williams is the best coordinator I have ever seen. Everything is on time and as it should be.”
The travel arrangements and the service provided by WRS is better than my previous marine employers. My payroll comes in time on every month, no delay is there, if I face any problem it’s solved by WRS in a very effective manner.”
Their guidance and support were invaluable and far exceeded what I had come to expect from other recruiters. They thoroughly prepped me for the interview; providing me with useful information about the company, showing a great depth and knowledge that went above and beyond the average recruitment company. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for employment.”
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