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VP Drilling, Multinational Drilling Services Company

Without any hesitation I can attest to the fact that WRS has made a concerted effort to understand our recruiting needs and in turn has communicated clearly at all levels, treated us fairly, conducted our business in a highly professional and purposeful manner and has always presented quality candidates for our consideration and hire. That said, we appreciate all of our hard work and the expressed interest in our company and its recruitment needs. We look forward to continuing and building on our business relationship and have no hesitation in recommending WRS to anyone in need of qualified and professional recruitment services."
VP Drilling
Multinational Drilling Services Company
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I’m an oil and gas industry professional with over 25 years of experience in A.-) Mud Logging Operations, 10 of which have been as a Mud Logger and 15 years as a Data Engineer Role. Mudlogging experience includes: Logging horizontal wells, in South America. I have worked for: (GTS Logging Venezuela, Georesearch do Brasil Ltda –A Schlumberger Company, Schlumberger-Geoservices Trinidad&Tobago, Geolog International and Geoservices Venezuela. Offshore in: (Brazil, Guyana, Trinidad&Tobago, and Venezuela) Onshore in: (Trinidad&Tobago, Guyana, Colombia, Bolivia, Ecuador & Venezuela) and B.-) Geophysical Prospecting for 13 years as a Seismic Refraction Equipment Operator in Venezuela. My Cell Phone number is: +58 4147749703 and my Home phone is: +58 2839897200. My email address is: 1. - Title: Geologist-Mud Logger (1991-2001): My background work details as a Mud logger: Summary concept of services, drilling equipment and Techniques, lag time, pressure concept, mud logging geology, mud log drafting, drilling fluids, Hydrocarbon detection, Gas detection and Analysis, coring and core handing, Drilling Parameter, Sensors and their working principles, unit maintenance, H2S, awareness and detection, safety, quality control, client relations. Lithology identification, conventional core description, facies analysis, determination the formation top, oil shows detection, seismic interpretation, monitoring drilling operation, E-log interpretation and etc. 2. - Title: Geologist Data Engineer (2001-2016): My background work details as a Data Engineer (Team Leader): Monitor and follow up with the different activities of drilling rigs, like drilling, gas system calibration, casing, cementing, also helping to solve other problems and hazards, like mud loss or gain, kick control, installing and rigging up mud logging tools and sensors, maintain tools and sensors, managing the mud logging unit, keep good relation and communication with client and send periodically reports to office regarding running the job, work on three different Mud logging system and etc. 3.-COURSES TAKEN: Soil Mechanics, 1974 Intensive English Course at CVA, 1977-1978 Oil Well Cementing by Dowell Schlumberger, at BTC,1982 Mud Logging at Geoservices, 1992 Pore Pressure Engineer at Geoservices, 1995 S.T.O.P, 1998 Training to Reduce Unscheduled Events, 1998 Stuck Pipe Prevention, 2002 Offshore Survival Training, 2004 G.F.F at Schlumberger at Geoservices-Maturin, 2008 Platform B Safety Course by FALCK NUTEC, Brazil, 2011 HUET(EBS) by FALCK NUTEC,Trinidad & Tobago, 2012 I am proficient background with: A.-Mud Logging: GTS Logging’s Software and Log Plot 2007, Schlumberger Geoservices and Geolog International softwares’ B.-Geophysical Prospecting C.-Microsoft Office: Excel, Word, Power Point, and Outlook, with strong Computer Technical, Mechanical, and Electronic Skills. The primary duties of a Mud Logger consist of: •Real time monitoring of drilling activity onsite, sample collection, preparation and description •Contributing to maintain a safe working environment on the rig, by interpreting the data at hand and giving feedback to the Data Engineer; drilling team and company man. •Lending onsite technical support in case of equipment failure •Having a pro active attitude towards the health and safety •Creating written reports for the Client Data Engineer: As Data Engineer, I am responsible for analyzing all the data during the drilling operation and preparing all final logs and rapports for the onsite well site Geologist and the company man. I have strong communicative skills and liaises directly with client representative on-site, the tool pusher and the Well Site Geologist. As team leaders Data Engineers are responsible for the wellbeing and cohesion of the unit team. DUTIES: • Managing the unit as team lead. • Lithological description of the cutting samples. • Daily & weekly geological Reports, final well reports, weekly calibration • Calibration checks for H2S, CO2, Chromatograph and total gas equipment. • Preparation of master log using software. • Monitoring well site operations & detection of hazardous gases like H2S • Picking Casing points • Marking Formation tops • Monitoring hydrocarbon shows, gas and its chromatography • Making final well reports • Core Handling and description. • Online Data Transmission to the town for client Contac: Luis Rojas Brito. Cell phone: +58 416 6911096 Elias Raul Acosta Petrophysics at Weatherford. Fabrice Angleraux( (0)79 436 5746 Didier Mareschal (Petrobras Operations) Cel: +(55 22) 99244-8291 Marcelo Machado (Personnel Coordinator) +(55 22) 9242-6856
Edgardo Jose Gonzalez Hernandez, 21 December 2016
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