Five stars being inspected by office worker


  • ​Very happy with the service received during this assignment, thank you! ​

    Matthew Chorlton
    Matthew Chorlton, Lifting Supervisor

    Ziton Contractors A/S

  • ​Was my first time working with WRS and I'm very happy with all your support

    Antonio Oliveira
    Antonio Oliveira, Maritime
  • ​Very good teamwork. WRS you are the best!!!

    Stanislav Zienin
    Stanislav Zienin, Stage 2/3 Crane Operator

    Fugro Geoservices LTD (Euro)

  • ​Very happy being part of WRS!

    Dimitar Tomov
    Dimitar Tomov, ETO

    Technip Offshore Manning Services Ltd (Singapore)

  • ​WRS has handled my contract very well. The customer team has been very responsive.

    Neil Goldsworthy
    Neil Goldsworthy, Oil & Gas
  • ​I really enjoy working with the WRS team and would like to continue working with them!

    Valerii  Burenko
    Valerii Burenko, Maritime
  • ​WRS is the best company

    Nurfaisal, Maritime
  • ​Highly appreciate WRS's service. Absolutely fantastic!

    Judy Maco
    Judy Maco, Chief Officer

    Peak Group AS

  • ​I am happy working under WRS. Satisfied with the service.

    Gira Anak Liuk
    Gira Anak Liuk, Maritime
  • ​I am very pleased with your teamwork and will recommend you to my colleagues.

    Oleksiy Kozhevnikov
    Oleksiy Kozhevnikov, Maritime
  • ​Pleasant experience working with WRS! ​

    Antonio PERUGA
    Antonio PERUGA, AB Seaman

    Marnavi SPA (EUR)

  • ​Great team, perfect service

    Syed Zeshan Mazhar
    Syed Zeshan Mazhar, Maritime
  • ​I am glad to be part your team.

    Ismail Alimamedov
    Ismail Alimamedov, Maritime
  • ​Very professional team. Special thanks to Stuart Mcneil and Jodie McLoughlin.

    Valeriy Volodymyrovich Didenko
    Valeriy Volodymyrovich Didenko, Maritime
  • WRS standards are exemplary. Have hired their services in the Middle East, Europe and Africa, I was never disappointed. Great people.

    ​Adel Henniche
    ​Adel Henniche, General Manager E&P
  • ​I have been working with WRS for the last 8 years and I am very happy with how you handle the situation of Marine crew. ​

    Rohan Deepak Satam
    Rohan Deepak Satam , Maritime
  • ​I am glad that WRS has given me the opportunity to further my career on an international level. I am very happy and looking forward to serving more years ahead with WRS.

    Christie Balan Anak Reba
    Christie Balan Anak Reba, Maritime
  • I receive very good help and support from WRS. I appreciate all the help and assistance provided. ​

    Brian Taylor
    Brian Taylor , Oil & Gas
  • ​Really enjoy working with you!

    Anatolii Hlushchenko
    Anatolii Hlushchenko, 4th Engineer

    Technip Offshore Manning Services Ltd (Singapore)

  • ​“Sapura Drilling has worked with WRS for a very long time and this is a testimony of their performance. WRS is a professional company with extensive global experience in the Oil & Gas industry. WRS provides Sapura Drilling with excellent service with fast responses to requests for crewing. They also provide excellent service for offshore crew on a short-term basis when we need immediate temporary replacement. Additionally, WRS is proficient in payroll management. We will be glad to recommend WRS for any upcoming work that you might have in the industry.”

    Suthesh Arul
    Suthesh Arul, Procurement Manager

    Sapura Drilling

  • ​Highly appreciated for everything.

    Thiago Thomaz de Oliveira
    Thiago Thomaz de Oliveira, Maritime
  • Great team and I appreciated the opportunity! ​

    Hugh O'Donnell
    Hugh O'Donnell, Maritime
  • ​I am fully satisfied with the WRS Service, keep up the excellent work! ​

    Daniel Sihombing
    Daniel Sihombing, Maritime
  • ​Everything is at a high level! ​

    Jacek Kordalski
    Jacek Kordalski, Maritime
  • Everything is at a high level!

    Levgen Bondarenko
    Levgen Bondarenko, Maritime
  • ​"ZITON has experience working with WRS on multiple occasions. All have been characterized by quick responses and delivery, high quality and fruitful cooperation, from first contact to end of project."

    OPS Department Team


  • ​Real professionals, highly recommended! ​

    Oleksandr Okun
    Oleksandr Okun, Maritime
  • ​Both Stuart and Jordan were very open and honest about the role, they were very quick to come back to me with any questions I had from the clients, regarding accommodation, flights, contract type, and my requirements. Very good service! ​

    Jon-Palmer Preston
    Jon-Palmer Preston, Maritime
  • ​WRS is a professional team that instructs and supports at every stage of employment.

    Oleksandr Nikitenko
    Oleksandr Nikitenko, Maritime
  • Thank you very much for your work. Everything was at a good level. I enjoyed working with your company. I hope for further cooperation. Thank you. ​

    Sergii Pogorielov
    Sergii Pogorielov, Maritime
  • ​WRS, as an agency is full of professionalism, promptness, and seriousness!

    Marian Chiricuta
    Marian Chiricuta, Maritime
  • Despite working for nearly a decade in traditional energy, I’ve always been passionate about renewables. So I’m thrilled to be working in the field, and contributing to the proliferation of sustainable energy. At H2 Green Steel, I’ll be working on the world’s first hydrogen project. We’re constructing a large steel plant in northern Sweden that will use green hydrogen and renewables to significantly reduce climate pollution in the material’s production. Challenges for women As with any technology or engineering industry, it’s difficult for women to attain roles in leadership, project finance, and governance due to gender discrimination. Limitations also exist because women with families are more likely to decline positions which involve relocation. Thankfully though, I’m seeing a gradual acceptance. Working with WRS Alex Spruce, Recruitment Consultant at WRS, reached out directly because he felt I fitted the role requirements. It was a great experience from start to finish – Alex would continuously update me, remaining incredibly proactive and polite throughout. During the process, I was offered another opportunity, but Alex advised me to not accept it because he believed in me – leading to me landing my dream role. Why I recommend WRS I’m really grateful to WRS for helping me land the role that I’ve always wanted. In fact, I’ve already recommended another colleague to them – if you want to change roles, WRS is a no-brainer.

    Hina Arshad
    Hina Arshad, Renewable Energy

    H2 Green Steel

  • ​Perfect service and care of employees, always online. ​

    Roman Gorb
    Roman Gorb, Oil & Gas 
  • ​WRS is a very professional team. I like working with them. ​

    Valeriy Didenko
    Valeriy Didenko, Renewable Energy
  • ​It's already been 3 years working with WRS assigned works with Telford Offshore. And I'm feeling happy, as WRS has the best recruitment consultants and the best payroll system, the salary has never been late and is always on time. I wish to continue working with WRS to gain more experience, challenge, and a brighter future. ​

    Anggie Fradilla
    Anggie Fradilla, Oil & Gas
  • ​Overview​For nearly 6 years, we’ve successfully worked with Van Oord Personeels B.V – supplying manpower for offshore wind installations, dredging, and cable laying projects. But most recently, we’re proud to have supported work on the advanced offshore installation vessel, the Aeolus, in France.​The project​The Aeolus has been responsible for drilling and pin pile installation operations for the jacket foundations on the Saint-Brieuc offshore wind farm. WRS’ role was to support their crew.​The requirements​Our relationship with Van Oord Personeels B.V has seen significant growth over time – and throughout, we have faced challenging requirements, with this project being no different:Tight turnaround timesComplex payroll solutionsHost-country specific regulations​The WRS solution​From start to finish, we provided Van Oord Personeels B.V with compliant solutions that fit their timeframe:Sourced crew with the correct certifications.Where further training of personnel was required, we arranged this.Supplied a French payroll service to compliantly arrange tax and social security payments.Provided ongoing support to the crew of the Aeolus for the past two years.​How WRS can support you through a new challenge​Whether you’re a candidate seeking a change, or an energy firm looking to put your best foot forward in 2024, we can help. Our team are experts when it comes to finding the ideal client-candidate match –get in touch today.

    Case Study: Working With Van Oord Personeels B.V
    Case Study: Working With Van Oord Personeels B.V

    Van Oord Personeels

  • ​To facilitate our client's expansion into a new region, we were retained to deliver in country market intelligence into the recruitment process to secure a highly skilled Country Manager. Our strategic approach and knowledge of the market ensured a precise alignment of skills and cultural fit, resulting in the efficient placement of an industry expert with a proven track record in driving growth in similar markets. Our ability to fuse market insights with talent acquisition, surpassed our client's expectations and set a precedent for future projects in new territories.Find out how we can help by getting in touch.

    Strategic Expansion - Case Study
    Strategic Expansion - Case Study, Sourcing a Market-Driven Leadership Solution

    Worldwide Recruitment Solutions

  • ​Tasked with sourcing a Senior Project Manager for a leading onshore wind developer, our objective was to retain talent to advance a crucial wind project.The role required a highly experienced and competent project manager with a solid background working on renewable energy projects in particular onshore wind and knowledge of the in-country market.Our approach involved aligning client requirements to identify the most relevant senior talent with hands-on industry expertise, ensuring a seamless integration into the project's development.Find out more by getting in touch.

    Driving Project Success – Case Study
    Driving Project Success – Case Study, Securing Key Talent

    Worldwide Recruitment Solutions

  • ​Mobilising candidates always comes with challenges – but at WRS, we never let this stop us. We work to resolve issues, ensuring minimal struggle with the move.1. Rectifying delaysProblem: Candidates experienced holdups due to a delay in receiving work permits. Solution: We represented them to resolve the issue, and once it was rectified, we mobilised the candidates within weeks.2. Surpassing contractor needsProblem: A contractor was on allowance for accommodation, but couldn’t find a suitable place to live.Solution: Within two days, we found them an apartment that met their exact criteria. It wasn’t in the original project scope, but we used our local knowledge and relationships to provide a solution.3. Support in times of crisisProblem: A contractor required medical attention after an incident.Solution: We assisted with the police and hospital stay, and checked up on them regularly. At WRS, we genuinely care about all our contractors, and we do our best to support them through difficult circumstances. 4. Managing impact for groups of contractorsProblem: A contractor was demobilised during a project – this affected the team around them too.Solution: We effectively and honestly communicated with both the contractor and their team, managing the impact for everyone. 5. Aligning our services to client needsProblem: Our client needed multiple field trips involving cars, paramedics, and accommodation in Uganda to send contractors onto the field.Solution: This wasn’t within our usual remit, but we booked the trips and provided this as an additional service.Resolve mobilisation issues with WRSNeed help with a project including mobilising candidates? On top of our end-to-end services, we provide tailored support to ensure satisfaction for every party. Find out how we can help by getting in touch.

    Going Above And Beyond In Global Mobilisation - Case Study
    Going Above And Beyond In Global Mobilisation - Case Study

    Worldwide Recruitment Solutions

  • ​The best and consistent globally always.Extraordinary excited and happy with your recruitment processes.Thank you.

    Folami Emmanuel, HSE Advisor

    Dormac Marine and Engineering

  • ​WRS is enabling the successful execution of various energy projects in more than 90 countries, with end-to-end global mobilisation solutions within an industry facing a talent shortage.We provide support at every stage of the mobilisation cycle, onboarding personnel following client instruction. Singapore | UAE | East Africa One client recently constructed and mobilised a floating production storage offload (FPSO) from Singapore’s shipyards to their large offshore oil-producing field in Israel. WRS fully supported the operator, EPC, and shipyard owner throughout this process, utilising various global teams. WRS Singapore provided the employment, immigration, and contracted payroll services locally, while WRS HQ delivered the end-to-end recruitment services, and then took over the employment contracting once the vessel had departed Singapore. Throughout the process, the WRS Contractor Care team enabled a smooth transition for our personnel in the global mobility phases.– Recently, the WRS team was provided with a two-week limit to mobilise two contractors to the United Arab Emirates for a short-term commissioning project in Dubai’s shipyard. Typically, this process can take over two months, but the WRS team was able to support our client to deliver fully approved local work permits within the time frame – something the client had never seen before. WRS has now been retained by them as a preferred supplier for global mobility services. – Through our local joint venture partner, Q-Sourcing, we have formed a market-leading business delivering first-class services. We’re providing our full suite of recruitment, contracting, payroll and HR Consultancy services to all clients in Uganda and Tanzania. The major challenges are immigration, work permits, travel logistics, and accommodation support in remote locations. Having excelled in delivering all these services, this resulted in us being commended for our swift and smooth support services. We’ll now be entering new countries in Africa to further develop major projects in the oil and gas and renewable energies spaces. Mobilise your talent with WRS  Are you looking to get your workers to the right destination? Get in touch today. 

    Global Mobilisation In Action - Case Study
    Global Mobilisation In Action - Case Study

    Worldwide Recruitment Solutions

  • ​Top talent is in high demand around the globe – and we’re showcasing our work providing valuable contractors for a decommissioning project in Spain. We possessed an existing strong relationship with the client before sourcing the best talent for their decommissioning project. Although the project was in Spain, as there were a few British contractors involved, WRS was able to assist. The decommissioned asset was older – meaning the team had to ensure everything was safe and environmentally sound while ‘keeping it alive’ for at least another three or four years. Our team took care of the whole recruitment process – from identifying top talent and onboarding to ensuring compliance with all necessary regulations. We ensured the workers we hired were highly skilled and competent to make sure the project ran smoothly and saved the client money. Personnel provided include Drilling Superintendent, Engineers, and Supervisors; Well Services/Interventions Engineers and Supervisors; Subsea Supervisors; and Shorebase Managers.Enlist the experts Want to learn more about our end-to-end workforce solutions?Get in touchwith us today!

    Workforce Solutions With A Difference - Case Study
    Workforce Solutions With A Difference - Case Study

    Worldwide Recruitment Solutions

  • ​Throughout my time at WRS, I’ve experienced all the things that define the WRS culture and make it a great company to work for. I know from firsthand experience that it’s a collaborative environment, where we work on projects that impact the business together, taking everyone’s ideas onboard. I know that WRS is a company that rewards hard work, commitment, and dedication. I know that it’s a company where employee wellbeing is at the forefront of how we operate. Personally, I love being part of an environment where I know I am recognised for my work, where my mental and physical health is a priority, and that the people I work with care about me and each other. In my time at WRS, I have received promotions that have taken me from an internal recruiter through to Head Of HR and Renewable Energy, which has been a rewarding journey, not without its challenges, but with lots of support all along the way.

    Emma Upton, Head of HR and Renewables

    Worldwide Recruitment Solutions

  • ​As you are aware, I have just completed my first rotation and am currently on my rotational leave.I would like to express my gratitude for the great opportunity and all the support I received during the hiring process with Total Energies, Uganda. This project has been truly exceptional due to its work conditions. I'd also like to extend my thanks to the entire WRS team. I have felt their support throughout, and I was genuinely delighted to work with a highly professional team while continuing to receive support.I am hopeful for continued work with WRS, as a football enthusiast, I can liken WRS to a Champions League team led by players of the same calibre. I am grateful for the opportunity to work with this great team.Thank you again, I appreciate everything that was done during the hiring process and for the continuous support I am receiving from the WRS team.

    Umit Kok
  • ​I would like to express my gratitude to all those who managed me directly or indirectly during my journey at Genel Energy. I haven’t had the time to thank them enough in the last month.It was filled with enjoyment and success, all contributing to the team's overall success. I met great and professional colleagues; each one of them was not just a colleague, but part of a great family. I wish all of you another chapter with a better future.Thank you all for the wonderful time we spent together.I would also like to extend my appreciation to WRS - Worldwide Recruitment Solutions for their outstanding service during my journey, specifically Mary Sabri and Miran Fattah for their tremendous efforts. In the meantime, I highly recommend the agency to everyone looking for recruitment and outsourcing services, as they are the best in the region.​

    Reband A., Production and Operations Support

    Genel Energy PLC

  • ​Since joining WRS straight out of University in July 2021, I made the move from Teesside to Manchester to become a part of the Oil and Gas recruitment team as a Trainee Consultant. Working alongside the experienced consultants in the team has been incredibly beneficial, as they provided me with valuable training and industry insights. Thanks to their support, I successfully placed my first job and have since flourished in European recruitment. One aspect I truly appreciate about my journey at WRS is the level of trust and freedom I've been given in my role. This trust in my abilities allowed me to transition into Business Development after just 18 months. I've now been in this role for 8 months and I must say, I absolutely love it. What makes it even better is the clear progression plan laid out for me, providing exciting opportunities to grow our core business and even travel across Europe for client meetings. I feel incredibly fortunate to be in a position where I can take on new challenges and explore exciting opportunities. The support and encouragement from WRS have been instrumental in my personal and professional growth over the past 2 years. I am genuinely excited about what the future holds, watch this space.

    Lee Hall
    Lee Hall, Business Development Consultant

    Oil and Gas

  • ​My name is Richard, and my journey at WRS has been nothing short of amazing. I began as a trainee recruitment consultant in November, and with the ongoing support of WRS and the incredible oil and gas team, I successfully passed probation in February, earning the title of recruitment consultant. Since then, I've been on an exhilarating path toward becoming the Expat/Client Liaison Manager for the highly anticipated EACOP project in Dar es Salaam. This is an exciting project to be a part of, an opportunity to broaden my experience and develop my skills in a new environment. The prospect of this new role fills me with excitement and anticipation. It's a fantastic opportunity to showcase my skills and contribute to this groundbreaking project. As I prepare to mobilise to Tanzania at the end of September, I'm filled with a mix of nervousness and eagerness. It's the start of a new chapter in my life, one that promises adventure and growth. I'm grateful for the trust and support WRS has placed in me, and I'm determined to make the most of this exciting journey ahead.

    Richard Goodwin-Robertson
    Richard Goodwin-Robertson, Expat/Client Liaison Manager
  • I am thrilled to announce my transition to the Learning and Development (L&D) team at WRS after initially joining on the Oil and Gas recruitment team. Throughout my career in recruitment, a total of 17 years, I have gained a deep understanding of the industry's dynamics and stayed up to date with the latest trends and best practices. I have worked in many industries including education, social care, nursing and now energy. My hands-on experience has equipped me with the ability to identify exceptional candidates and comprehend the skills and qualities necessary for success in various roles. Now, as a member of the L&D team, I am excited to share this valuable insight with new recruits joining WRS, providing them with the necessary tools and knowledge to thrive in the recruitment field. In addition to my role in L&D, I am honoured to be entrusted with the responsibility of managing WRS's internal recruitment processes. Building upon my extensive background in recruitment, I will implement effective strategies to attract and hire the most talented individuals who will contribute to WRS's growth and success. By conducting thorough assessments and facilitating seamless onboarding experiences, I aim to shape our workforce in alignment with WRS's organisational objectives while fostering a culture of excellence. I am confident that my unique combination of recruitment expertise and passion for teaching will have a positive impact on WRS's growth. By nurturing talent and sharing my industry knowledge, I will empower new recruits to excel and make meaningful contributions to our organisation. Together with the L&D team at WRS, I am excited to create a stronger, more skilled workforce and achieve new milestones as we progress toward success.

    Sarah Doyle Associate CIPD 5
    Sarah Doyle Associate CIPD 5, Learning & Development Coach
  • ​In March 2022 when I was looking for a career change/ new opportunity, the first name that came to my mind was WRS. I preferred WRS due to its sheer market knowledge and trust developed over a period of time in the oil and gas industry.I was surprisingly delighted to know that WRS had identified a job opportunity with a major operator which met all my expectations. WRS also provided me with all the job details and client expectations which helped me to qualify for the interview. I was offered the new Job position by May 2022.The entire recruitment process was swiftly completed within 3 months’ time. I am currently enjoying my new Expat permanent staff position with a Major operator in Dubai City. I appreciate WRS for their responsive support and how they maintained good communication with me throughout the recruitment and onboarding processes. I would definitely recommend WRS to new candidates who are looking for excellent career opportunities with reputable companies in the oil and gas industry to excel in their careers.

    Atul Bhosale
  • ​My experience working with David Hanley has been great. Since the beginning of the process of contracting me, he has always been very clear about what the client needed and expected from me. He also tried at any time to get the best deal for me.He took the time of answering all my emails containing questions or doubts about the job. He is a very patient person and called me when I had troubles understanding some parts of the contract. He always calls to see how everything is going or to see if I need something.This is my first time with a Contract from a company outside my country and I am glad to say that the experience had been very good.

    María Eugenia Chacin Muñoz
  • ​For two years now I've had business relations with WRS and my experience is more than positive.Helping me from the first contact, guiding me through the employment process, and assisting me during my working period. Always willing to help, with a positive attitude, alerting me to any kind of possible changes or trouble related to my employment.I've never experienced any problems or delays with my salary, receiving messages promptly about schedule changes or other. WRS's people regularly contacted me to ask about my work and possible troubles and offer assistance of any kind with my employer. I liked best the positive approach and readiness to help.In my long engineering career, I have been working in many countries, directly employed or working as a contractor over different agencies, having good or not-so-good experiences.But what sets WRS apart from all others is more than professional relations. I've never experienced such a caring and willing to help relation and this is why I wish to continue with WRS for future opportunities.

    Cvjetko Bokarica, MScEE
  • ​It was a pleasure to work through WRS as an agency, hassle-free. Money was on time, always responsive to emails, and also periodic communication to confirm if there was anything needed from the consultant. This included check-ins on how the project was going.Compared to other agencies I have worked through, WRS is by far the best and a breath of fresh air.All the best for the future and once again pass my thanks on to all the team.

    Kevin Durrant, Contractor
  • I wanted to take a moment to express my sincere appreciation for your exceptional performance and dedication to the Repsol project. Over the past months your contributions during the recruitment period and also providing all support to our HSE supervisors have allowed us to bring our staff in a timely manner and without delays.If you have any ideas, suggestions, or feedback, please do not hesitate to share them. We value your insights and believe that your contributions can continue to drive our team's success.

    Johnny A. Perez
    Johnny A. Perez, HSE Coordinator


  • ​I was contacted by WRS for a position at a startup Solar Energy company based in Israel but operating in the U.S. Communication, the interview process, and the overall experience was very easy and simple with WRS. Working with John, I always knew where I stood within the process and am happy that I was able to work with a company that puts their candidates first. I would recommend anyone interested in looking for qualified candidates give WRS an opportunity to fulfill their needs.

    Gregory Samford, VP Finance & Administration
  • ​I have worked with Worldwide Recruitment Services (WRS) for 3 years now. We use WRS for the management of our Drilling and Marine crew which encompasses Marine Crew Management of the vessel Speer, Drilling Crew Management for all our vessels, payroll and timesheet portal and invoicing and Head Office travel bookings. From the start, we developed a quick, easy and great partnership. WRS’ dedication to our company and enormous effort they put into all our requests is evident in all our dealings with this company. They always go above and beyond to try and assist us with various tasks, and the multiple and diverse nature of their organisation means we can rely on them for many aspects of our business.

    Sharron Brighton
    Sharron Brighton, HR Coordinator


  • ​I worked with John at WRS to land my current position. John found me through LinkedIn when I was looking to transition into a position that better fit my skills and experience. When John reached out initially, I was hesitant about the role he presented because I wanted to start negotiating at a higher rate than what was being offered. But John believed the company needed what I had to offer and that he could negotiate on my behalf. I put my trust in John and he delivered. I appreciate that he listened to what I wanted in a role and where I was headed career-wise, and was intuitive enough to see that the company and I would be a great match with some work on his part. I am very happy in my current position and the company are very happy with my work. So its safe to say, John was right! 

    Schezelle J. Ward, Document Control Specialist and SharePoint Administrator
  • ​I started at WRS almost 12 years ago with only a years’ experience in recruitment and zero knowledge of the energy sectors. I was given a PC, a phone, and a directive to go and explore the contract hire market in the Oil & Gas sector. Fast forward 12 years on and I am the Global Business Development Manager for the WRS Group, working across all our Energy divisions. I’ve spent time working in and developing all of our international offices. I am the client lead for most of our major accounts and more recently I have become a Director of our Joint venture businesses in East Africa. One of the key factors of my success is the autonomy the business has allowed me whilst constantly supporting the development work I have produced. Every step of the way our CEO and senior management team have been behind me to assess the opportunities coming to the table and make the right decisions on which to pursue. Together we have built and developed the international side of the group from a starting point of 10 people in South Manchester to our current standpoint of 5 global offices and a headcount approaching 100 people. I couldn't imagine working for another company. This is my home; this is my business, and this is where my heart is. Who we are and the work we do here at WRS defines us. The key to our success is the level of service we provide to our customers and candidates. Our reputation precedes us, and our client testimonials continue to verify this.

    Chris Morton-Collings
    Chris Morton-Collings, Global Business Development Manager
  • ​At WRS the egos are left at the door and the team ethic and attitude comes to the fore in every interaction, we are all pulling in the same direction and that sense is palpable. Recruitment should be a meritocracy and this company exemplifies that. A good idea is a good idea and will be given due consideration regardless of who has it which means you are able to chat as openly with the company founders as you can with your peers. WRS trust their people, the autonomy you are afforded as an individual is extremely gratifying and the opportunity to progress is genuine and achievable.

    David Crawley
    David Crawley, Principal Recruitment Consultant

    US Division

  • ​WRS have been a tried and tested Supplier of professional and technical personnal to Genel Energy both in Kurdistan Region of Iraq and the UK for over 2 years and we value their expertise and support.Jun-2021

    Simon Gerrard
    Simon Gerrard, Recruitment Partner for Genel Energy

    Genel Energy

  • ​My career started with WRS in February 2019. During my first year as a recruitment consultant, I began with the mining team, before moving onto oil & gas, and then eventually moving into the trading and commodities division. This initial 12 months of working across multiple divisions taught me a lot about recruitment across the energies space, both permanent and contract. Having the chance to experience our different sectors, twinned with the learning and development opportunities that WRS provide, enabled me to gain the cross-sector knowledge that I still utilise today.The impact of Covid-19 across the energy and recruitment market in 2020, gave me the opportunity to diversify again and my focus moved to growing the renewable energy division at WRS. I have always had a keen interest in sustainability and doing my bit to support the efforts against climate change, so I embraced this new role. In a 360 capacity, my aim was to create and build relationships with new and existing clients across the renewable energy space, and work alongside our new recruits to build our global team. As our client relationships and roles began to grow, the team also grew, and we are now a fully functioning team of 8 experienced consultants who all contribute to the success of the division. Our project scope and recruitment services now span internationally across all key areas of the renewable energy industry, and we have continuing success in placing candidates across international roles. WRS provide consistent opportunities such as; learning and professional development courses where possible, and international travel for various conferences, events, and client meetings. Following on from my success, my role is due to change again this year. In July 2022 I will move into a focused Business Development capacity and take a step out of recruitment. I am excited for what the future holds in this role, and with the continued support of the WRS Senior Management Team the future growth of the renewable energy team.

    Chloe Jordan
    Chloe Jordan, Senior Recruitment Consultant

    Renewable Energy

  • ​I have worked at Worldwide Recruitment Solutions Ltd for 3.5 years as an Account Manager within the Marine Division. Having come from a financial solutions background the world of recruitment was completely new to me, however I haven’t looked back since!From my very first day at WRS the company were so welcoming and have been very supportive over the last few years, I can honestly say the team are not just colleagues, but have become friends too. I genuinely love my job although there are certainly challenging days and weeks. My role entails liaising and building relationships with clients and crew, issuing contracts, arranging travel, visas and any required training, keeping the rota and pay tables updated, processing timesheets and expenses, and any other general queries.WRS are a great company to work for, the management team are approachable, open and honest in all situations, and are always looking to promote within. I have recently been promoted to Principle Account Manager so am delighted my hard work has paid off and been recognised.

    Jodie McLoughlin
    Jodie McLoughlin , Crewing Account Manager


  • ​MODEC Management Services Pte Ltd is a registered company in Singapore and is a subsidiary company of MODEC, Inc, Tokyo Please be advised that Modec Management Service Pte Ltd and Worldwide Recruitment Solutions (a UK agency company) has a framework agreement signed on 2nd March 2018 for the supply of agency personnel. As of to date, Worldwide Recruitment Solutions is actively providing the services to us and we have considered their services to be reliable and meeting our requirements.​Jul-21

    Hiroshi Karasawa, Deputy General Manager

    MODEC Management Services Pte Ltd

  • ​“I joined WRS in 2015 after working in recruitment at another company. From my recruitment experience, I knew that my preference and skillset lay on the candidate side (rather than the clients), so when I saw an opportunity to join WRS as the Internal Recruiter, focusing on candidates who wanted to join WRS as Recruiters, I thought it was a perfect opportunity for me. My role has changed massively since then and I love the fact that I can look back with satisfaction on a varied career with WRS which has challenged me every day. Today I head up HR. WRS didn’t have an official ‘HR’ department before I set it up, so I’ve worked hard to create this function within the business and make it an integral part of our operations. This has seen me move onto the Senior Management Team (SMT) in the last two years. I enjoy playing a part in the team that leads WRS, as I’m so passionate about this business and supporting the people in it. At WRS, the message is simple – if you have the right attitude and application, you will be rewarded. These rewards will come in the form of salary increases, promotions, additional responsibility, trust, flexibility, incentives, bonuses… The list is endless. I have been given opportunities I never thought possible when I started here in 2015, and there is more to come as we continue to grow.”

    Emma Upton
    Emma Upton, HR Business Partner
  • ​BW Offshore UK have been working with WRS since 2017 and to my knowledge there have been no concerns. WRS are timely in supplying relevant CV’s when required and the team is always very responsive with our requests. The recruitment team are used to dealing with our last-minute requests, and have been cooperative with our pre-mobilisation requirements during COVID19 pandemic. BW Offshore UK tend to use WRS for temporary contract work, however we have no concerns with them placing a permanent role. WRS team have been supportive following the recent introduction to IR35. In addition, WRS team are always keen to assist the BWO HC team with internal benchmarking. We have no reservations in recommending WRS to conduct other work across the business and we look forward to continue working with them.Jul-21

    Mireia Borras Gabarro, HC Coordinator

    BW Offshore (UK) Limited

  • ​Gulf Keystone Petroleum International (GKPI) has been working with Worldwide Recruitment Solutions Ltd for workforce solutions in the KRI & internationally since 2017. WRS have provided us with recruitment, personnel contracting, global payroll in addition HR consultancy in the form of salary surveys and rate benchmarking.The WRS team are knowledgeable about the local KRI workforce market and well connected with both local and expatriate candidates. WRS are always responsive and maintain good communications with GKPI and the personnel throughout the recruitment and onboarding processes.We have been very satisfied with WRS and would not hesitate to continue working with them and to recommend WRS to any of their potential clients.Oct-2021

    Andrew Thomson
    Andrew Thomson, Supply Chain Manager

    Gulf Keystone Petroleum International Ltd.

  • My journey with WRS started in May 2021when Covid restrictions were starting to lift. I moved from Derry in Northern Ireland to Manchester to join WRS as a Trainee Recruitment Consultant with no prior experience or knowledge in Recruitment or the Marine sector. From day one I was given extensive training from our dedicated L&D department, which gave me the foundations of Recruitment. I also got support from a mentor, in my case an experienced Recruiter called Stuart, who honed my knowledge in the Marine industry. Thankfully with the training and advice given to me, I was able to make a quick start as a recruiter, achieving some early success by making my first placement within my first 2 weeks. I noticed quickly that recruitment wasn’t always full of highs, there were many challenges to overcome too. The continuous weekly support meetings with HR and Stuart provided me a regular platform to continually develop and in just 4 months I was promoted to Recruitment consultant. By December of the same year, I was given an opportunity to work within the Business Development team. My initial training in BD was provided by L&D - it was like starting anew once again! I was impressed with the support I received in my training which really prepares you for every aspect of your recruitment career. Our Head of HR, Emma, checked in with me weekly in my new role while we continued to do regular BD training sessions. There are many challenges in Business Development that I am learning to overcome, and Matthew Spells and Scott Redfern, my two colleagues on the BD team, are always ready to give me advice whenever I need assistance – it’s amazing to tap into their 20+ years of Maritime BD experience. I am looking forward to continuing my business development career as I know I am only at the start of this long journey. With the guidance of my colleagues at WRS, I know I will always have the support I need at hand.

    Jordan Lee
    Jordan Lee, Business Development Consultant


  • In my previous role on the RAPID project in Johor, Pengerang, Malaysia I worked with the Worldwide Recruitment Solutions Singapore (WRS) team since 2016. During 2020 WRS has been supporting my team in Singapore on the CRISP project. Técnicas Reunidas (TR) has been selected by ExxonMobil to undertake the engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) for the process units at its Singapore refinery expansion project.​ WRS team in Singapore are knowledgeable about the local workforce market and well connected with the local & expatriate candidates in region. They are always responsive and maintain good communications with us throughout the recruitment and onboarding processes.​ We have been very happy with WRS and would not hesitate to continue working with them and to recommend WRS to any potential clients worldwide.​Dec-20

    Haruncan Zeytinli, Asst. HR Manager

    Tecnicas Reunidas S.A. Singapore Branch

  • ​HKN Energy Ltd has held a contract with WRS since 2017. WRS is providing recruitment, personnel contracting, global payroll and HR consultancy in the form of salary surveys & rate benchmarking. To date, all services have been provided with swift responses and accurate attention to detail. WRS knowledge in the KRI market is well developed and we trust their information provided. WRS teams, from their head office in the UK to the Operations office in Erbil, are always on hand when required for support and information. We have had no issues with the services provided and the relationship is continuing to develop into ongoing opportunities. I have no problem in recommending WRS services to any clients within the KRI for future work.Oct-21

    Simon Keane
    Simon Keane, Contracts & Procurement Manager

    HKN Energy Ltd

  • ​The process was done very professionally and smoothly from WRS. Onboarding all went well, discussions and explanation of the process and benefits was all excellent, communication has been great and payroll/expenses process has been smooth and effortless. To be honest, I think this is the first time that I have set up payment internationally where it all went smoothly on the first go round in all the years I have been working overseas. I will hope that you will continue to hold the contracts as I would be happy to continue into the future with WRS.Oct 2021

    Erica Francis
    Erica Francis, MPD QAQC Advisor

    Genel Energy International Ltd.

  • ​I have always had an interest in the Oil & Gas sector, it’s something I’ve had an ambition to get into. So, I was delighted when I saw the position advertised and even more delighted when I was asked to join the Contractor Care Team at WRS. On my very first day, I received a great training plan from Emma Upton (HR) and my manager Richard Baillie-Gray. The guidance and support within my role have enabled me to learn new things each day about the sector and I felt confident operating in my role very quickly. I genuinely enjoy my job and all the people that work here. I look forward to developing myself here at WRS.

    Joanne Street
    Joanne Street, Contractor Care Consultant

    Oil and Gas

  • ​I joined WRS in the Renewable Energy Division late in 2021. Working remotely from Italy was challenging in the beginning, but I was given a lot of support during that time and integrated easily into a fantastic team. I had no prior experience in recruitment when I first began working at WRS. Thanks to all the resources that I was provided, I was able to develop a solid understanding of the role, and I am eager to see where this experience will lead me in the future!

    Stefania Abbasova
    Stefania Abbasova, Recruitment Consultant

    Renewable Energy

  • ​I started with WRS in July 2021 as the Office, Business & Facilities Co-ordinator. I was first drawn to WRS because of their amazing culture, it is very much a family feel culture and as an employer they are extremely flexible which for me, as new mum returning to work, was really important. At WRS your voice matters and I feel that as a company they really do invest in you as a person and do what they can to help you develop and progress within the business.

    Sinead Street
    Sinead Street, Office, Business & Facilities Co-ordinator
  • ​WRS has given me the opportunity to continue working in the industry I love. Before I joined, I was working as a Marine officer but decided I wanted a change. I was sure I could use my previous experience to become a successful recruiter. With the guidance and support of WRS I have progressed from Trainee to Senior Recruitment Consultant and am a mentor to many of our new starters in the division. Working with a great bunch of people really helps and I enjoy the variety my role offers. Having the responsibility of training and mentoring new employees has helped my growth significantly and I am thankful to WRS for giving me the opportunity. What’s also great about working at WRS is the flexibility which enables me to split my time between home and the office, I do like to work remotely but also love being with the team where we can share our experiences.

    Stuart McNeill
    Stuart McNeill, Senior Recruitment Consultant


  • ​In my capacity as Talent Attraction Specialist I can confirm that Worldwide Recruitment Solutions Ltd (WRS) is working under framework contract to provide Recruitment Services to Cepsa.In my time working with WRS I have been happy with their standard of services and the quality of the work produced. WRS head office team consistently supplies profiles of interest for our company and we are confident to work with them now and in the future.WRS personnel always act in a professional manner and their responses are timely. Interaction with the WRS business is consistently pleasant and we have no problem in recommending them to future clients for business engagement.Feb-2020

    Inaki Cornago Adrian
    Inaki Cornago Adrian, Talent Attraction Specialist


  • ​It’s my absolute pleasure to recommend Worldwide Recruitment Solutions (WRS) for the re-tendering process with Genel Energy.I thoroughly enjoyed having WRS to manage my contract with Genel Energy and came to know the team as a truly valuable asset. Since day one, the communication was honest and transparent to make the onboarding process the smoothest possible. In fact, not only sending emails explaining all the details but also follow up telephone calls to ensure that all the questions that I may have are answered. I have received all the contractor care documentation in a timely manner and with detailed explanation of the content and the procedure. The Contractor Care Manager has always been in touch with me either by emails or phone calls. He’s always available to answer my queries. The payroll process has been for me the smoothest one I could ask for. It does take less than a week to process the payment from the date of timesheet submission.Team WRS has been dependable, and incredibly efficient in every way.Without a doubt, I confidently recommend WRS for personnel recruitment and contract management. As a dedicated and knowledgeable company and all-around great team, I know that WRS is a beneficial addition to any organization.Oct-2021

    Lazhar Bentayeb
    Lazhar Bentayeb, Sr. Well Test Engineer

    Genel Energy International Ltd.

  • ​WRS offer a transparent work culture, the managers and mentors treat everyone as valued team members. Stuart McNeill has been an excellent mentor for me, right from the day I joined WRS. He has always been with me and made me feel comfortable, guiding me to handle my daily tasks by preparing short videos or tutorials. He is there for me anytime of the day, even though I am working in a different country and time. Working remotely has not been an issue for me as WRS have provided all the training and support I need to work efficiently from my home.

    Swapnil Khopkar
    Swapnil Khopkar , Recruitment Consultant


  • ​Working at WRS has provided me the tools to work from home, be flexible with my start/finish times and above all, has brought out the best in me and my abilities. The people working here are great and easy to get along with and more than happy to help someone in need.

    Jason Crowe
    Jason Crowe , Management Accountant
  • ​"Joining WRS after coming from a long-standing job of 7 years was a big and scary change for me. Nine weeks in and I am so happy I took the leap, WRS are my kind of people! From the interviews, to joining, everyone has been so welcoming, they all love helping in any way they can, with smiles on their faces. Everyone gets on really well with each other, and I’m looking forward to a long career at WRS. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for me at such a well-established company."

    Sophie Screeton
    Sophie Screeton , Crewing Account Manager


  • ​“I love working at WRS because of the culture – it’s a very friendly and supportive environment. It really feels like one big team with one goal. Everyone works hard but also has fun along the way. The company social events are amazing, and it’s lovely to feel rewarded for your hard work. I’ve received lots of support from the CEO, who is a great mentor and I have learnt so much from him. He’s there when I need advice but also steps back and allows me to work autonomously as well. We have regular 1 to 1s which is useful to assess how I have performed. WRS have a flexible approach when it comes to working from home and I really enjoy the hybrid approach. I love being in the office with my colleagues to bounce ideas off each other and have some banter! I also enjoy the quietness of working from home when I really need to concentrate. The mixture is just perfect.”

    Pippa Glendining
    Pippa Glendining , Acting Financial Director
  • ​“I started with WRS in 2020 with the Renewable Energy division, I have had the pleasure of watching the team grow and develop into the well-established division it is now. When I began my journey with WRS I had no experience in recruitment, they guided me through the fundamentals and offered me ample resources to learn and develop into the confident recruitment consultant I am today. WRS has been flexible to my own aspirations throughout my time with the business, whether supporting me on developing into a BD role, or moving to a new country and growing a team there. I am excited to see where my future at WRS takes me.”

    Rebecca Brown
    Rebecca Brown , Recruitment Consultant

    Renewable Energy