The Recruitment Stages

  • Upload your CV and be added to our database for appropriate vacancies

    1 Upload your CV

  • Tell us about yourself so we can find the right role and company for you.

    2 Listen to you

  • WRS consultants will research all jobs for you and reach out to clients on your behalf.

    3 Finding a role

  • Your WRS consultant will support you through the interview process.

    4 The Interview

  • WRS will help you fine tune your contract when you receive a job offer.

    5 The Offer

  • Congratulations, You're ready to start your new job with the help of WRS.

    6 Celebrate

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​Tips for landing your dream job

Compelling CV

WRS's application process is quick and easy. The application portal lets you upload your CV which will be kept on record for appropriate vacancies.

WRS has an effective guide to writing a CV. Make sure to make it research-heavy, proofread it and make it factually attention-grabbing.

Be prepared

Research goes a long way in interviews. The research stage applies to both the business you're applying for and the interview itself.

Applying for a job through a contractor or recruiter can be a smart move to attain pointers to maximise your chances of interview success.