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Success Stories

  • ​I started at WRS almost 12 years ago with only a years’ experience in recruitment and zero knowledge of the energy sectors. I was given a PC, a phone, and a directive to go and explore the contract hire market in the Oil & Gas sector. Fast forward 12 years on and I am the Global Business Development Manager for the WRS Group, working across all our Energy divisions. I’ve spent time working in and developing all of our international offices. I am the client lead for most of our major accounts and more recently I have become a Director of our Joint venture businesses in East Africa. One of the key factors of my success is the autonomy the business has allowed me whilst constantly supporting the development work I have produced. Every step of the way our CEO and senior management team have been behind me to assess the opportunities coming to the table and make the right decisions on which to pursue. Together we have built and developed the international side of the group from a starting point of 10 people in South Manchester to our current standpoint of 5 global offices and a headcount approaching 100 people. I couldn't imagine working for another company. This is my home; this is my business, and this is where my heart is. Who we are and the work we do here at WRS defines us. The key to our success is the level of service we provide to our customers and candidates. Our reputation precedes us, and our client testimonials continue to verify this.

    Chris Morton-Collings
    Chris Morton-Collings, Global Business Development Manager
  • ​My career started with WRS in February 2019. During my first year as a recruitment consultant, I began with the mining team, before moving onto oil & gas, and then eventually moving into the trading and commodities division. This initial 12 months of working across multiple divisions taught me a lot about recruitment across the energies space, both permanent and contract. Having the chance to experience our different sectors, twinned with the learning and development opportunities that WRS provide, enabled me to gain the cross-sector knowledge that I still utilise today.The impact of Covid-19 across the energy and recruitment market in 2020, gave me the opportunity to diversify again and my focus moved to growing the renewable energy division at WRS. I have always had a keen interest in sustainability and doing my bit to support the efforts against climate change, so I embraced this new role. In a 360 capacity, my aim was to create and build relationships with new and existing clients across the renewable energy space, and work alongside our new recruits to build our global team. As our client relationships and roles began to grow, the team also grew, and we are now a fully functioning team of 8 experienced consultants who all contribute to the success of the division. Our project scope and recruitment services now span internationally across all key areas of the renewable energy industry, and we have continuing success in placing candidates across international roles. WRS provide consistent opportunities such as; learning and professional development courses where possible, and international travel for various conferences, events, and client meetings. Following on from my success, my role is due to change again this year. In July 2022 I will move into a focused Business Development capacity and take a step out of recruitment. I am excited for what the future holds in this role, and with the continued support of the WRS Senior Management Team the future growth of the renewable energy team.

    Chloe Jordan
    Chloe Jordan, Senior Recruitment Consultant

    Renewable Energy

  • ​“I joined WRS in 2015 after working in recruitment at another company. From my recruitment experience, I knew that my preference and skillset lay on the candidate side (rather than the clients), so when I saw an opportunity to join WRS as the Internal Recruiter, focusing on candidates who wanted to join WRS as Recruiters, I thought it was a perfect opportunity for me. My role has changed massively since then and I love the fact that I can look back with satisfaction on a varied career with WRS which has challenged me every day. Today I head up HR. WRS didn’t have an official ‘HR’ department before I set it up, so I’ve worked hard to create this function within the business and make it an integral part of our operations. This has seen me move onto the Senior Management Team (SMT) in the last two years. I enjoy playing a part in the team that leads WRS, as I’m so passionate about this business and supporting the people in it. At WRS, the message is simple – if you have the right attitude and application, you will be rewarded. These rewards will come in the form of salary increases, promotions, additional responsibility, trust, flexibility, incentives, bonuses… The list is endless. I have been given opportunities I never thought possible when I started here in 2015, and there is more to come as we continue to grow.”

    Emma Upton
    Emma Upton, HR Business Partner
  • ​I began my career with WRS in September 2018, coming from a hospitality background this was a huge change for me. I was immediately made to feel welcome and that I could add value to the team. My first division was Mining which I loved, it was a great learning curve, and I was taught by the best in the business.After having a baby and post pandemic I returned to work at WRS to a different division, which was the rapidly growing market of Renewable Energy. Within this team I was given the opportunity to become a Managing Consultant / Team Lead. This role allows me to develop my leadership skills, training skills and gives me the opportunity to grow and support the team.Another part of my role includes being a member of the Junior Management Team and a Superuser of our CRM systems. WRS has given me the chance to grow, develop and become part of a business that I feel valued and happy to come to work every day. Not to mention the great incentives, holidays, group events and parties that we all get to attend. Not only do we reward and incentivise success, but we give you the tools make it possible.​

    Fay Soloman
    Fay Soloman , Team Leader

    Renewable Energy

  • My journey with WRS started in May 2021when Covid restrictions were starting to lift. I moved from Derry in Northern Ireland to Manchester to join WRS as a Trainee Recruitment Consultant with no prior experience or knowledge in Recruitment or the Marine sector. From day one I was given extensive training from our dedicated L&D department, which gave me the foundations of Recruitment. I also got support from a mentor, in my case an experienced Recruiter called Stuart, who honed my knowledge in the Marine industry. Thankfully with the training and advice given to me, I was able to make a quick start as a recruiter, achieving some early success by making my first placement within my first 2 weeks. I noticed quickly that recruitment wasn’t always full of highs, there were many challenges to overcome too. The continuous weekly support meetings with HR and Stuart provided me a regular platform to continually develop and in just 4 months I was promoted to Recruitment consultant. By December of the same year, I was given an opportunity to work within the Business Development team. My initial training in BD was provided by L&D - it was like starting anew once again! I was impressed with the support I received in my training which really prepares you for every aspect of your recruitment career. Our Head of HR, Emma, checked in with me weekly in my new role while we continued to do regular BD training sessions. There are many challenges in Business Development that I am learning to overcome, and Matthew Spells and Scott Redfern, my two colleagues on the BD team, are always ready to give me advice whenever I need assistance – it’s amazing to tap into their 20+ years of Maritime BD experience. I am looking forward to continuing my business development career as I know I am only at the start of this long journey. With the guidance of my colleagues at WRS, I know I will always have the support I need at hand.

    Jordan Lee
    Jordan Lee, Business Development Consultant